A guide to 45worlds
45worlds is a website that creates communities around a theme, eg vinyl albums, CDs, magazines etc. Members can add items, images and comments, and can catalogue their collections and wants.

There are worlds about: Vinyl Albums,  Live Music,  CD Albums,  CD Singles,  12" Singles,  78 RPM,  Tape Media,  Music Memorabilia,  Classical Music,  Cinema,  TV,  DVD & Blu-ray,  Magazines,  Books,  Video Games,  ... and many more are planned!

Catalogue your Collection and Wants

Managing your collections is simple. Click the   I Own It   or   I Want It   buttons on each item, and your collection will be created for you. You can create collections for each world, and quickly jump between them. Your collection can be shared with other members, and downloaded for your own personal use in a spreadsheet or text document.

Contribute to 45worlds

1) Add Items

How many vinyl albums, CD singles etc have been released worldwide? With your help, one day we hope to find out! If you have an item such as a record or magazine in your collection and it's not on 45worlds then please help by adding it. Adding items is quick and easy, and each world has a short guide to help you on your way.

2) Add Comments

Catalogue numbers and release dates are useful facts but it's your comments on items that make the website more interesting... We need opinions, reviews, anecdotes and even rambling surreal stories. Simply click "Add Comment" on the item you're viewing.

3) Add Images

Help fill in the gaps! To add an image, click the "Contribute Image" link on the item you are viewing. Adding images is easy, and there is a quick guide when adding your first images, to help you along.

4) Add Videos

Share the music! This website is also about discovering and listening to great tracks. Adding videos is quick and easy, using the YouTube button in comments.

5) Add Ratings

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Let the people decide. Simply click on "Rate" and then click again on a number out of ten. Depending on the world, you can either rate individual tracks (eg for records) or the entire item (eg for magazines).

6) Spot Mistakes

To err is human. If you see a typing error, spelling mistake or you think some other detail is wrong then please let us know by clicking the "Make Correction" link.

7) Edit Images

There are many label or sleeve scans on the website that need to be edited to fit the 45worlds look. Either cropped to a circle, straightened or re-cropped so that they're similar sized. Simply click the Edit Images link on the relevant record page. Or browse the latest images that need editing.

8) Create/Edit Biographies

You can help create biographies for every artist, label, title etc (not just the "notable" ones unlike some websites!). Every artist and label has a "Create Biography" link - or if the biography already exists, then you can edit it with any improvements or additions you have.


Use the forums to discuss anything related to the website, or for help on contributing.

Link to us

Support 45worlds by linking to us from your Facebook page, blog or website. Images can't be hotlinked directly unless you use specific link HTML: click any image on 45worlds for instruction on how to do this.


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Sign up!

Not a member? Join 45worlds and participate in the 45worlds community! Creating an account is quick, easy and free, and lets you manage your collection and wants lists, comment and rate items, add items and images, and chat with other members.

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