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Gambit   Comment by MR B PAGE

The intro and outro theme tune is called Hearts Are Trumps composed by the show`s organist Peter Fenn.

That's My Dog   Comment by MR B PAGE

There are 57 episodes for 5 series. Ed Welch provides the music.

Treffpunkt:Deutschland   Comment by MR B PAGE

Originally Broadcast As A Schools Programme. German Version of Encounter Germany.

Rendezvous:France   Comment by MR B PAGE

French version of Encounter France. Originally Broadcast As A Schools Programme.

Appuntamento In Italia   Comment by MR B PAGE

Originally Broadcast as a Schools Programme.

Pippi Longstocking   Comment by rafaelgmallcom

Toramp website pippi longstocking (1998-2000)

Abby Hatcher   Comment by Zironic17

The second season of Abby Hatcher. Episodes 1. The Peeper Transport Tubes / Abby Loses Her Glasses 2. Game Time with Mo and Bo / Grumbles Goes Down the Drain

Abby Hatcher   Comment by Zironic17

The first season of Abby Hatcher. Episodes 1. When Abby Met Bozzly / Hair Flair Everywhere 2. Mo and Bo in the Snow / Otis Out of Order 3. There’s Only One Bozzly / Cousin Flugtilda 4. Princess Flug’s Flower Float / The Fuzzlies’ Talent Show 5. Too Tired to Tuba /...

Toast Of The Town   Comment by George Slv

Tv.com was a site with invaluable information about TV episodes. It closed recently. Here are archived copies of all Sullivan episode descriptions, in the form of Chrome webpages: https://app.box.com/s/icm9cvp8frapc18yrywepvjjckhrg6du

Kujibiki Anbaransu   Comment by mikewn

First episode of this series is on this DVD. Genshiken, Vol. 1: Society For The Study Of Modern Visual Culture

Ai Yori Aoshi   Comment by mikewn

"Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi" is the title for the second season of this series.

George Of The Jungle   Comment by 23skidoo

This was one of those shows that never displayed the complete title at one point on screen, so I chose one of several occasions where "George" is displayed. Feel free to replace with a better title screen image (maybe the scrolling "George of the Jungle" can be edited into a landscape image?).

Rupan Sansei: Part II   Comment by mikewn

Anime News Network has a more complete listing with English translated episode title list that show on DVDs here: Lupin the 3rd (TV) page

Söderkåkar   Comment by Charlie Chalk

Those images belong on DVD & Blu-ray world.

Söderkåkar   Comment by Lovinda SUBS

Added DVD images.

Bullseye   Comment by MR B PAGE

R.I.P. Tony Green.

Operation Homecoming: Stories From The Heart   Comment by mikewn

(adding more of the original series title info not stored in initial post here: 3) Long Distance Delivery: Executive Producer - Alexandra Jewett Executive Producer - Glenda Hersh Executive Producer - Steven Weinstock Series Producer - Andrew Scher Line Producer - Cosmo C....

The Last Of Us   Comment by zabadak

Review: Independent review :read:

Lost In Space   Comment by jimbo2021

Classic LOST IN SPACE enthusiasts (and anybody else possibly interested), I hope you enjoy the complete series episode credits, statistics and trivia. Maybe some time I will start adding more descriptions and trivia to the listings.

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