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Marion Zimmer Bradley: The Heritage Of Hastur   Comment by ppint.

daw books undated° simultaneous near-identical mmpb third and fourth printings sharing new cover art by george barr (signed, miscredited to jack gaughan) b+w frontispiece by jack gaughan (signed with his digraph) cover price $1.95 384pp. (check) including titles, indicia,...

Marion Zimmer Bradley: The Heritage Of Hastur   Comment by ppint.

century hutchinson/century arrow imprint first, arrow books second over-all printing, with new cover art "the seven domains of darkover in the fortieth year of the regency of danvan hastur" (b+w map) "thrym berger (copy)" by jack gaughan; "thrym berger" is the fictional...

Ursula K. Le Guin: Das Vermächtnis Von Erdsee   Comment by ppint.

n.b. not the first edition of this collection.

Ursula K. Le Guin: Interfaces   Comment by ppint.

a somewhat belated "thank-you, jimess".

Marion Zimmer Bradley: The Bloody Sun (Revised)   Comment by ppint.

daw books mmpb first printing, not first mmpb edition, nor first mmpb of the revised, expanded edition cover art by david a. cherry (unsigned, credited as david cherry) daw uniform darkover edition borders design by richard hescox (credited) near-meaningless daw books...

Marion Zimmer Bradley: The Bloody Sun (Revised)   Comment by ppint.

berkley publishing group charter communications ace books mmpb fifth printing of the revised edition, 9th printing over-all, including printings of the original, unexpended edition, stated seventh printing includes "to keep the oath" (a darkover novelette) marion zimmer...

Marion Zimmer Bradley: The Bloody Sun (Revised)   Comment by ppint.

ace books imprint mmpb printings so far seen (& seen recorded in detail) of this revised, rewritten and greatly expanded novel: 5/1979 revised edition first printing, first edition; fourth printing including original unrevised printings with a five digit system cat#, fifth...

John Carnell: New Writings In Sf16   Comment by ppint.

*nods* - so it was a bit rich for one of the "new worlds gang" to put down "traditional" sf as old-fashioned & boring, when you consider that, the odd arts council grant aside, the primary finance of new worlds post- roberts & vinter were the advances michael moorcock...

Michael Moorcock: The Bull And The Spear   Comment by ppint.

quartet books fourth printing 1976 on same isbn and from same plates/type-setting has new cover design, dedication: "for marianne" new cover art by chris achilleos (uncredited, unsigned, collected in "beauty & the beast" chris achilleos (1978), q.v.) cover price 60p,...

John Carnell: New Writings In Sf16   Comment by David Whiteley

The review in New Worlds SF was by James Cawthorn.

David L. Chalk: Yellow Buses Bournemouth 85th Anniversary 1902-1987   Comment by OldMod67

No ISBN, although the reference library assigned it X004227556 014

Lucy A. Snyder: Spellbent   Comment by ppint.

#1 of spellbent trilogy: #1: "spellbent" (2009), (this book) #2: "shotgun sorceress" (2010), q.v. #3: "switchblade goddess" (2012), q.v. "what dwells within" (novelette) in "shadowed souls" eds. jim butcher, kerrie l. hughes (2016), q.v. is apparently set in the spellbent...

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