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Bones And All   Comment by zabadak

Independent review :read:

The Towering Inferno   Comment by MR B PAGE

R.I.P. O.J. Simpson who plays Jernigan in the 1974 film.

Song Of The South   Comment by Magic Marmalade

Review: I found a home made rip / burn copy of this in the charity shop the other day, with what looks like a cut down VHS cover fitted in a CD jewel case... ...Knowing what it was, and certainly with no clear memory of ever having seen it, even back in the day, I grabbed it, to...

Kung Fu Panda 4   Comment by henry29

Title Image from the movie added. H.

Dune: Part Two   Comment by henry29

Titles from the movie added. H.

The Beach Girls And The Monster   Comment by Dr Doom SUBS

Not according to Soundtrack Collector

The Beach Girls And The Monster   Comment by swbcfc

Does anyone know if the soundtrack of this film was ever issued on record or CD ?

Men    Comment by zabadak

Review: Guardian review :read:

Civil War   Comment by zabadak

Alex Garland interview for the Guardian :read:

Civil War   Comment by zabadak

Trailer :happy: [YouTube Video]

Angels With Dirty Faces   Comment by Magic Marmalade

Thanks for the pointers Henry :) There was a shelf of oldies in the local charity shop where I got this on a whim, so I'll go back and look a little closer at their selection, I'm sure one of those will be there somewhere. (Got a small stack of DVDs: "to be watched" which...

Il était Une Fois Le Diable   Comment by Dr Doom SUBS

Review: One of those films that's so bad that it's....AMAZING! Yup, this one really lives up to it's cult status. The film opens with a Zombie member of the SS growling and butchering motorists but this is no straight ahead Slasher or Zombie movie. Instead it throws up a ghost...

Angels With Dirty Faces   Comment by henry29

The next films you need to see MM, are White Heat, Yankee Doodle Dandy and The Strawberry Blonde. These have a steller cast. Comedy plus great songs In two of them. H.

Angels With Dirty Faces   Comment by Magic Marmalade

Today I saw my first James Cagney film... and it was this... and it was good! I'd always avoided him, as his somewhat cartoonish acting (from what I'd known or had seen in snippets) of the apparently ultra-ham style, always put me off. But this was a revelation, in that I...

From A To Z-Z-Z-Z   Comment by alexlincs

Upgraded title screen from bluray

Alien 3   Comment by Magic Marmalade

Review: Never understood the hate for this one... ...Granted, it had a lot to live up to, in the wake of the masterpiece of claustrophobic space horror of the original movie, and then the more actiony sci-fi franchisement of sequel: Aliens, which I think did a lot to skew...

Tetris   Comment by zabadak

Jon S. Baird interview from WhyNow :read:

Tommy   Comment by Record Collector

If you look at the Thumbnail it should have read as Columbia Pictures and Robert Stigwood Presents that should have been inserted.

The Truth About Season Four   Comment by mikewn

Credits derived from this youtube video:[YouTube Video]

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