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Elvis Presley - Such A Night   Comment by SvendHenrik00

Added Front of Sheet Music regarding "SUCH A NIGHT" recorded by Elvis Presley on RCA Records. Recorded the Night of April 3,1960 at RCA's Studio "B", Nashville. Published on the "ELVIS IS BACK" Album from 1960 and published world wide on 7' Single 1964 'by Popular Demand'.

Cilla Black - Step Inside Love   Comment by gregs45s SUBS

With a nod to Jdhoggs, i've added what i think is a colour variant, mine's definitley an orange/red, also added the back.

Various Artists - HMV 1922 Catalogue   Comment by scrough

Available at https://archive.org/details/hismastersvoicegeneralcatalogue1922britishlibrarysounds

Various Artists - HMV Catalogue No 2   Comment by scrough

I've found a later version of this catalogue with 1930 dates at https://archive.org/details/hismastersvoicerecordsofuniqueandhistoricalbritishlibrary...

Various Artists - HMV 1952-3 Catalogue   Comment by scrough

Available at https://archive.org/details/hismastersvoicer00unse_2

Various Artists - HMV 1951-2 Catalogue   Comment by scrough

Available at https://archive.org/details/hismastersvoicer00unse_1

Various Artists - HMV 1947-8 Catalogue   Comment by scrough

Available at https://archive.org/details/hismastersvoicer00unse

Various Artists - HMV 1932 Catalogue   Comment by scrough

Available at https://archive.org/details/catalogueofhisma00hism

Various Artists - HMV 1926 Catalogue   Comment by scrough

Available at https://archive.org/details/catalogueofhisma00hism_0

Elton John - Marmite - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road   Comment by gregs45s SUBS

Almost bought one of these in Sainsbury's yesterday, but,it's a fairly large jar, and would not get eaten, so it would just sit in the cupboard for 10 years;) It's a great idea though, and will support the charity well i'm sure.

The Beach Boys - Little Honda   Comment by SvendHenrik00

Added Front of Sheet Music regarding "Little Honda" by The Beach Boys.(1964) "Little Honda" was featured in the Film "Girls On The Beach" (1965).

Sex Pistols - Promo Poster For Holidays In The Sun Single   Comment by Paul Vinyl

Thanks Greg I still have a couple of the posters, ones sold were a mates and a couple of mine they sold for around £300 to £500 price was about right in the auction book,they sell for loads more these days Jonathan Ross Mark Lamarr were at the auction they bid on a couple...

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