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Larry Niven

The Ringworld Throne

Orbit UKJul 1997Paperback1  
James White

Final Diagnosis

Tor USAJul 1998Paperback0  
Jack Vance

The Pnume

Dennis Dobson UK1975Hardcover1  
Jack Vance

The Dirdir

Dennis Dobson UK1975Hardcover1  
Jack Vance

Servants Of The Wankh

Dennis Dobson UK1975Hardcover1  
Jack Vance

City Of The Chasch

Dennis Dobson UK1975Hardcover1  
Dmitri Bilenkin

The Uncertainty Principle

Collier Books USA1979Paperback0  
Jack Vance

To Live Forever

Tor USAMay 1993Paperback0  
S. M. Stirling


Signet USAMar 1985Paperback2  
Edward E. Smith

The Galaxy Primes

Ace USA1965Paperback0  
Ernest Cline

Ready Player One

Arrow UK5 Apr 2012Paperback0  
Jack Vance

Big Planet [Unabridged]

Tor USAJul 1989Paperback0  
Douglas Adams

The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe

Pan UK1982Paperback0  
Daniel Keys Moran

The Armageddon Blues

Bantam Spectra USAApr 1988Paperback0  
Douglas Adams

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Pan UK1981Paperback0  
Hadley Cantril

The Invasion From Mars

Princeton University Press USA1952Hardcover0  
Kage Baker

The Empress Of Mars

Tor USAFeb 2010Paperback0  
James Blish

The Star Dwellers

Berkley Medallion USADec 1970Paperback0  
Larry Niven

Fleet Of Worlds

Tor USASep 2008Paperback27.0 
Norman Partridge

It Came From The Drive-in

Daw USAFeb 1996Paperback0  
Various Authors

Alien Worlds

Mews UKOct 1976Paperback0  
Arthur C. Clarke

Childhood's End

Ballantine Books USAFeb 1976Paperback0  
Arthur C. Clarke

Childhood's End

Ballantine Books USASep 1971Paperback0  
Arthur C. Clarke

Childhood's End

Ballantine Books USANov 1966Paperback0  
Robert Tralins

The Cosmozoids

Tower USA1969Paperback1  

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