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John T. Robertson

Freedom Is The Spur

Badger UKSep 1955Paperback1  
Blair McAlistair

Range Greed

Badger UKSep 1955Paperback0  
Kent Roberts

They Died At Dawn

Badger UKOct 1955Paperback0  
John B. Edwards

Gunsmoke Trail

Badger UKNov 1955Paperback0  
E. J. Marsh

Rearguard Action

Badger UKNov 1955Paperback1  
James R. Barton

Shadow Over Europe

Badger UKNov 1955Paperback0  
J.S. Marlowe

Gun Feud

Badger UK1956Paperback0  
Robert J. Martell

Red Man's Territory

Badger UK1956Paperback0  
John R. Sutton

Anzio Break Through

Badger UKJan 1956Paperback1  
E. C. Tubb as E. F. Jackson

Comanche Capture

Badger UKMar 1956Paperback0  
H. M. Jameson

The Road Back

Badger UKMar 1956Paperback0  
Jeffrey Brownlowe

The Turning Tide

Badger UKMar 1956Paperback0  
R. D. Farrow

Island Fortress

Badger UKMay 1956Paperback2  
Roland D. Edwards

Counter Offensive

Badger UKJun 1956Paperback0  
Major A. M. Rendel

Appointment In Crete

Badger UKSep 1956Paperback0  
Michael Cronin

Pacific Pearl

Badger UKSep 1956Paperback1  
Douglas Liversidge

White Horizon

Badger UKSep 1956Paperback1  
A. A. Glynn as Mike Lantry

A Gunman Close Behind

Badger UKNov 1956Paperback0  
John S. Glasby as A. J. Merak

Blood On My Shadow

Badger UKNov 1956Paperback0  
James Gleeson

Now It Can Be Told

Badger UKNov 1956Paperback1  
A. A. Glynn

Trail Of The Tomahawk

Badger UKNov 1956Paperback0  
W. H. Fear

War Arrow

Badger UK1957Paperback0  
Aage Bertelsen

October '43

Badger UKJan 1957Paperback0  
Chuck Adams

The Savage Country

Badger UKJan 1957Paperback0  
W. H. Fear

Guns Across The Border

Badger UKFeb 1957Paperback1  

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