Editor:Groff Conklin
Title:Minds Unleashed
Publisher:  Tempo Books
Genre:Fiction, Science Fiction
First Published:  1965
Rating:8.0  Rate
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aka and originally "giants unleashed" (grosset & dunlap new york h/cvr 1965), q.v.

omits introduction "the non-limitation of intelligence" (nf) geoff conklin from the hardcover.

a tempo books edition
published simultaneously in canada

reprint anthology edited by geoff conklin

no publishing history bar copyright date & title of original h/cvr and
acknowledgements of individual stories sources, copyrights etc.
is (at least) third grosset & dunlap mmpb printing, second with this cover art: second printing states it is first, which it sort-of is, bearing this title & cover art; actual first mmpb bears the earlier title and cover art also from the hardcover, signed "LSG".

256pp. including 6 unnumbered, unpaginated pp. titles, indica, table of contents, blank p; fiction runs pp. 3-248; 2 end pp. 1p. advertising 6 tempo books titles including this book, cat#s 12126 through 12131, all bar 12128 @ $1.25, mail-order information; 1 blank p.
cover art uncredited
cover price $1.25

"microcosmic god" (novelette) theodore sturgeon (1941)
"commencement night" (ntte) richard ashby (asf 8/1953)
"the deep range" (short story) arthur c. clarke ("star sf #3" frederik pohl 1954)
"machine made" (ss) j. t. mcintosh (new worlds, summer 1951)
"trip one" (ss) edward grendon (asf 7/1949)
"venus is a man's world" (ntte) william tenn (gal 7/1951)
"goodbye, ilha!" (ss) lawrence manning ("beyond human ken" judith merrill 1952)
"misbegotten missionary" (ss) isaac asimov (gal 11/1950) aka "green patches"
"the ethical equations" (ss) murray leinster (asf 6/1945)
"misfit" (ntte) robert a. heinlein (asf 11/1939)
"genius" (ntte) poul anderson (asf 12/1948)
"basic right" (ntte) eric frank russell (asf 4/1958)

asf = astounding, later analog, science fiction
gal = galaxy

Comments and Reviews
11th Nov 2018
 reference copy provided courtesy of tony at the old pier bookshop, morecambe seafront.

in notes, for "geoff" read "groff" - tablettything's automiscorrectafterleavingtheword bu^W feature!

7th Nov 2018
 each story has a brief, sf magazine-style editor's introduction on its first page; i've no idea why grosset & dunlap dropped geoff conklin's introduction to the anthology as a whole, save perhaps to reduce their production costs of this edition by the price of some paper & ink...

"microcosmic god" theodore sturgeon's powerful novelette, was in asf 4/1941, which information yr hmbl srppnt.'d forgotten wasn't in the first acknowledgements.

year estimated by interpolation of tempo books' cat# isbns and comparison of cover prices.

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