Author:C. J. Cherryh
Title:Downbelow Station
Publisher:  Science Fiction Book Club
Date:Apr 1981
Genre:Fiction, Science Fiction, Society
Total Editions:4
Rating:9.0  Rate
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Community: 1 Owns
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published by the doubleday science fiction book club for sale to doubleday book club members. not for trade or general sale.
science fiction book club selection for april 1981.

448pp including 6 unpaginated pp titles, indica, line-drawn map; 3 blank end pp; quarter cloth bound between black paper-covered boards with end-papers, in colour-printed paper dust-jacket.
cover art by rego (martin rigo) (attributed on rear flap d-j)
cover price (none) (originally offered to members at $4.50)
(date & price from locus 5/1981)

(printing date code L10 on penultimate printed page 438)
sfbc cat# 5898 on rear of dust-jacket
uses daw books (on d-j) & daw books, inc. (on title page) but no logos, colophon, isbn (nor daw collectors no.) nor publisher's address.

winner of the 1982 hugo award for best sf novel of 1981
winner of the 1982 locus poll for best sf novel of 1981

almost the end of the earth company/earth fleet - union war,
also the founding of the merchanter alliance - and rather more:
part of humanity starts learning to deal with sapient aliens as societies possessing their own cultures.

Comments and Reviews
29th Jul 2023
 octopus / hamlyn / reed international publishing group mandarin imprint p/b first printing, not first uk p/b edition

cover art by chris moore (unsigned, credited on back cover, retained from previous methuen edition)
cover price £3.99
432pp. (re-check) including titles, indicia, b+w maps etc, end p. advertising
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

29th Jul 2023
 abp / methuen london methuen first p/b printing, first uk edition

cover art by chris moore (unsigned sfaics, credited on back cover)
cover price £1.95, $5.95 australia, $8.25 new zealand
432pp. (check) including titles, indicia, b+w maps etc, end p. advertising

refer to indicia publishing history to distinguish from near-identical 1983 second printing;

methuen paperbacks third printing adds back cover bar-code, price, isbn block, and further differs:
cover price £2.95 (re-check; any overseas territories prices?)
432pp. (check) including titles, indicia, b+w maps (plans) etc, end p. advertising

1987 methuen paperbacks fourth printing differs:
cover price £3.50
indicia publishing history overlooks second 1983 printing, giving this the appearance of being third printing

next known uk p/b near-identical printing comes after abp sold themselves off and bears new isbn and mandarin imprint, qualifying as a new bookcat item, q.v.
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

17th Jul 2020
 daw books mmpb simultaneous first & second printings sharing merkin-printed covers, first edition

cover art by david b. mattingly (signed, also credited)
interior b+w frontispiece by jack gaughan (signed with his digraph "jg")
b+w maps unsigned, not credited
cover price $2.95 on canadadian-carcassed copies intended for distribution north of the parallel
cover price $2.75 on wholly merkin-printed copies for general distribution
near-meaningless daw book no.420
432pp? (check!) including titles, indicia etc, end pp. adverts

refer to indicia printing number line to see if carcass of copy held was canadadian- or merkin- printed
published simultaneously, the canadadian-carcassed copies drop the number "1" indicating 2nd printing, as was daw books (& nal?) custom from late 1980 through the mid-90s

cover art by mattingly and b+w frontispiece by gaughan retained through many (at least 12) printings, with rising cover prices and changes of cat# & isbn, before:

twentieth anniversary edition adds new foreword by cj, taking pagination up to ~528pp. and starts printing count at 1 again (12/2001), q.v.

there's also a tp/b edition simultaneous with the e-book, with new cover art (12/2008), q.v.
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

14th Jul 2018
 the number in the isbn10 field is^W was missing a digit: it should be 0413513106

14/9/2018: corrected.

(n.b. early on in methuen's new general paperbacks venture, running into the first of the semi-hived off, semi-independent magnum books lists, the versions of the books' cat#s given in any end pp. listings is frequently rather strange, and somewhat misleading, typically omitting the initial "0" and the last two digits from the isbn: do not rely upon these pages for cat#s nor attempt to derive isbn10s from them - nor quote them without noting this peculiar treatment. . .) (these abbreviated numbers were cat#s sufficient to uniquely identity the book and edition in the abp warehouse, but i've no idea why they thought it a good idea to so abridge the numbers - inter alia removing the checksum digits, meaning a single mis-typed digit could go through unspotted, resulting in supply of the wrong book...)
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

24th Mar 2018
 quite simply, one of the very best°, extremely ambitious science fiction novels i have ever read.

° - despite the very occasional oddly-clumsy turn of phrase when there is no reason for this apparent - and which, had it been smoothed by cj, would have raised this novel to a straight "10". or a bit higher :-)
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

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Other Editions


C. J. Cherryh - Downbelow Station - Methuen London - Paperback - UK - 0413513106 (1983)

C. J. Cherryh - Downbelow Station - Daw - Paperback - USA - 0879975946 (1981)

C. J. Cherryh - Downbelow Station - Mandarin - Paperback - UK - 0749301546 (1989)

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