Author:James Blish
Co-authors:Robert Lowndes
Title:The Duplicated Man
Publisher:  Avalon
Date:Aug 1959
Genre:Fiction, Science Fiction
Total Editions:2
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Comments and Reviews
31st Jan 2022
 thomas bouregy & co. avalon books imprint first h/cvr printing, first edition

cover (d-j) art by ed emshwiller (credited on front d-j flap)
cover (d-j) price $2.95 (on front flap of d-j)
224pp? (check) including titles, indicia etc, end pp., bound with endpapers between covered boards

23rd Sep 2023
 revision° of the short novel/novella published in dynamic science fiction vol.1 #4, 8/1953

° - yr hmbl srppnt.'s not compared the texts to say whether expanded, or by how much, if so
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

10th Apr 2020
 thomas bouregy & co. avalon h/cvr 8/1959 copyright date filed 20/7/1959, first edition

cover (d-j) art by ed emshwiller (unsigned?, credited)
cover (d-j) price $2.95
224pp. (check) including titles, indicia etc, bound with endpapers between covered boards
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

23rd Sep 2018
 thomas bouregy & co. airmont books small format trade p/b first printing, first p/b edition

four (or more?) near-identical editions/printings sharing cat#, cover design, but price rises progressively from the 40¢ of 10/64 first mmpb printing:

airmont edition published october 1964
cover art unsigned, uncredted, still sfaik as-yet unattributed
cover price 40¢
128pp.including titles, indicia etc.

reprints so far seen/reported:

second known printing december 1972
12/72 date on p.128
cover price 60¢ (in white disc cut-out replacing original cover price top lh corner after airmont logo)

thrid known printing january 1976
1/76 date on p.128
cover price 95¢ (in white disc cut-out)

fourth known printing estimated c. 1979
cover price $1.50 (clumsily not properly centered in white rectangular cut-out, top left front cover)
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

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Other Editions


James Blish - The Duplicated Man - Airmont - Paperback - USA (1964)

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