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Author:C. J. Cherryh
Title:Gate Of Ivrel
Publisher:  Orbit / Futura
Genre:Fiction, Science Fiction
Total Editions:4
First Published:  1976
Rating:8.0  Rate
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first published in great britain in 1977
by futura publications limited
110 warner road, camberwell, london se5 (uk)

copyright © c. j. cherryh 1977°

futura publications limited
an orbit book (bottom two lines title page)

isbn 0 8600 7945 7
printed in great britain by
hazell watson & viney ltd
aylesbury, bucks

° - copyright year date quoted is as printed, but incorrect.

192pp. including 6 unnumbered pp. titles, indica, b+w perspective view line-drawn map, 1 blank p; pp.7-8 introduction by andré norton; 1 blank unnumbered end p.
cover art by david fairbrother-roe (see http://dragondaze.50webs.com/Dragondaze_-_Gallery/dragondaze_-_gallery.html)
cover price 70p

moraine and vanye #1

Primary Edition


C. J. Cherryh - Gate Of Ivrel - Daw - Paperback - USA (1976)

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13th Jul 2022
 cover artist david eric fairbrother-roe, aka david roe, died 21/7/2013

the website displaying his work, including his art for book covers, is now at dragondaze6.webnode.co.uk

11th Dec 2018
 Rated 8/10
morgaine and nhi vanye meet, under circumstances neither fully appreciate about the other - vanye, because he has no concept of morgaine's nature, far less her purposes, and she, because she neither knows, nor can afford to care what effects she has upon the people she passes through upon her quest to close down the gates between worlds destabilising, and well on their way to destroying, the universe.
to vanye she is a legend; an ill omen, perhaps; but still someone who he, outcast from his people, can serve, and so regain honour; to morgaine, vanye is useful, offering possibly essential local knowledge and help in completing one part of her mission in the here and now, this here and now; but liable to be at best an encumbrance, quite possibly an embarrassment, in and on the other worlds she must visit, to continue closing down the gates.
- but, since she needs his help now, she accepts his offer of service - not realising that, for nhi vanye, this offer is of his service for life.

through the greater and lesser dangers of their journey across unfamiliar country, they begin to realise to some extent quite how much they have misunderstood in their initial appreciation of each other, and the relationship between them begins to change from that which either of them presumed it to be.

first uk edition of the morgaine and vanye series #1:

#1: "gate of ivrel" (first edition, u.s. 1976), q.v. for series listing and links.

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