Author:R. L. Fanthorpe
Title:Out Of This World
Publisher:  Cobra
Date:Dec 1957
Genre:Fiction, Horror, Thriller
Total Editions:4
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Community: 1 Owns
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Cover art by Ray Theobald.

Paperback book contains 5 short stories of the supernatural all written by Fanthorpe and using his various pseudonyms.

1 - Secret Of The Snows - R.L. Fanthorpe
2 - The Spectre Of The Tower - Lionel Roberts (Fanthorpe)
3 - The Black Hound - Pel Torro (Fanthorpe)
4 - Ghost Ship - Trebor Thorpe (Fanthorpe)
5 - Sky Herd - Bron Fane (Fanthorpe)

Published in the UK by John Spencer & Co


Comments and Reviews
22nd Dec 2020
 this item should be moved to ''magazine cat''.

this is a mis-catalogued - reasonably understandably° - issue of a magazine:

this is issue no.15 of supernatural stories,
edited by ''john s. manning'',
a house name of publishers john spencer & co.,

here disguising the identities of variously senior partner, sam ''sol'' assael,
and junior partner (though older than sam(uel)) maurice/michael nahum,
the two were the founder-publishers of john spencer & company; they tried various imprints, eventually settling upon badger books as their major imprint.

i've no idea whether they co-edited any of the issues of supernatural stories - and it's possible no-one now amongst the living remembers...°°

°° - ''oo-eee, oo-eee, oo-eee...'' (and other similar appropriately eerie super-natural fx, etc.) </fx>

° - from supernatural stories #40, the contents of alternating entire issues of supernatural stories were a single novel, and might perfectly reasonably have been regarded as paperback novels, had they not borne upon their covers, and often title pages, the information that they were issues of supernatural stories. these single novel issues were later consistently - well, fairly consistently - puff-lined ''supernatural specials'', leaving only the SN- prefixed cat#s as indicators of their origin.
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

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Other Editions


R. L. Fanthorpe - Out Of This World - Badger - Paperback - UK (1958)

R. L. Fanthorpe - Out Of This World - Badger - Paperback - UK (1958)

R. L. Fanthorpe - Out Of This World - Badger - Paperback - UK (1958)

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