Author:James Blish
Title:So Close To Home
Publisher:  Ballantine Books
Date:27 Feb 1961
Genre:Fiction, Science Fiction
Total Editions:2
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23rd Sep 2018
 ballantine books mmpb first printing, first edition

reprint° collection of eight short stories and two novelettes.
° - save for one short story ("the abattoir effect"), which appears to be original.

cover art by richard powers ("the art of richard powers" jane frank & richard m. powers (2001), q.v.)
cover price 35¢
144pp. including titles, indicia etc.

some copies reissued third quarter 1962 bearing new cat# "632" printed in black upon an approximately rectangular white paper label stuck over the original cat#. copies also exist showing signs of having borne such a label.

23rd Sep 2018
 this appears to be no new printing/edition, but a copy of the 1961 first edition with new cat# in black upon roughly rectangular white paper stuck over the 465K cat# top left-hand corner front cover. copies exist of the first edition showing signs of having borne such a printed label for long enough for the cover inks under it to've been bleached less by the ultraviolet in daylight than the rest of the cover, by the time it was removed (or fell off).

should any bookcatter possess a copy with the stuck-on new cat#, confirmation of the presence or the absence of a line in the indica publishing history announcing a second printing (and the date thereof, if any) would be welcome...

- as would likewise the existence of any copies stated to be second printings, and whether these also bear such labels with the new cat#, or whether this is now printed on the cover.
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

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James Blish - So Close To Home - Ballantine Books - Paperback - USA (1962)

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