Author:C. J. Cherryh
Title:The Chronicles Of Morgaine
Publisher:  Methuen
Genre:Fiction, Science Fiction
Total Editions:2
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11th Dec 2018
 abp / methuen london third printing of the quondam trilogy

#1: "gate of ivrel" (1986), q.v. for series listing and links.

cover art by tim white (credited on rear cover)(retained through first three methuen printings)
cover price £3.95 (risen from the £2.95 of the first two printings)
688pp. including titles, indicia, table-of-contents, b+w perspective map etc, six end pp: 1 p. swap advert for interzone, arranged by yr hmbl srppnt., 5pp. adverts for methuen sf & fantasy p/bs

this same isbn retained through all methuen printings.

the 1989 reprinting is stated as methuen mandarin on the title page and bears a new isbn, so is a separate bookcat item.

at some stage thereafter, further reprintings (at least three more) are under the mandarin imprint, alone, after methuen trade fiction passed through various hands and landed in the tentacles of the octopus group (itself the renamed trade publishing arm of what had been the hamlyn publishing group).
all of these bear the new cover art by john higgins in the overall cover design by fran grove, as well as a new isbn indicating it to be the renamed imprint's seventh publication.

3rd Aug 2023
 methuen mandarin imprint p/b first printing, seventh printing over-all of the methuen p/b omnibus

cover design by fran grove
cover art by john higgins (unsigned, large detail repeated on back cover, credited on back cover)
cover price £4.99
688pp. including titles, indicia, table-of-contents, b+w perspective map etc, six end pp: 1p. swap advert for interzone as arranged by yr hmbl srppnt., 4pp. advertising for c. j. cherryh titles variously in magnum, methuen and mandarin p/bs, 1p. listing of methuen mandarin and mandarin science fiction p/bs including forthcoming june 1989 releases
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

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C. J. Cherryh - The Chronicles Of Morgaine - Methuen Mandarin - Paperback - UK - 0749300078 (1989)

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Tags:  morgaine and vanye series

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