Author:A. Bertram Chandler
Title:The Rim Gods
Publisher:  Ace
Date:Feb 1969
Genre:Fiction, Science Fiction
Total Editions:2
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Community: 2 Own
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Comments and Reviews
27th Nov 2019
 ace books mmpb first printing, first edition
half a classic "ace double" format mmpb with two front covers, contents tête-beché to each other

cover art by john schoenherr (credited)
cover price 60¢
½ 256pp. including 2 x titles, indicia etc, advertising pp. in-between the double's halves

7th Jul 2018
 book #20 in the john grimes series, set in & around the rim worlds:

a#1: "bring back yesterday" (1961), q.v. for john grimes and rim worlds series listings, and links

28th Jun 2018
 fix-up of four novelettes first published in if magazine, edited by frederik pohl:

"the rim gods" 4/1968
"the bird-brained navigator" 6/1968
"last dreamer" 8/1968
"the tin fishes" 12/1968

9th Apr 2018
 doubled with "the high hex" by laurence m. janifer and s. j. treibich, q.v.

6th Dec 2017
 first book publication 1969, not 1968.

6th Dec 2017
 cover art by john schoenherr.

19th Oct 2019
 grosset & dunlap charter communications ace books imprint mmpb, second or third printing thus
half a double with a single front cover
i.e. not a classic "ace double" with two front covers, texts, printed upside-down with respect to one another

doubled with "the dark dimensions" a. bertram chandler q.v.

first ace books printing of this pairing 8/1978
cover art by rowena morrill (credited and art is signed "rowena")
cat# 72401-9
cover price $1.95
408pp? including titles, indicia etc, end pp. advertising

second printing by indicia printing history number line (no printing date reported; early 1980s?}
cover art by rowena morrill retained
cat# 72403-5
cover price $2.75
408pp? including titles, indicia etc, end pp. advertising (adverts may differ)

third printing by indicia printing history number line 8/1981(?)
cover art by rowena morrill retained
cat# 72403-5
cover price $2.75
408pp? including titles, indicia etc, end pp. advertising
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

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Other Editions


A. Bertram Chandler - The Rim Gods - Ace - Paperback - USA (1981)

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