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Artist:Laura Pausini
Title:Primavera In Anticipo / Primavera Anticipada
Label:  Atlantic
Format:Special Edition
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Price Guide:$22
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CD1: Primavera In Anticipo
1-01Laura PausiniMille BracciaCarta, Pausini, CheopeRate
1-02Laura PausiniInvece NoPausini, Carta, AgliardiRate
1-03Laura Pausini Duet With James BluntPrimavera In Anticipo (It Is My Song)Vuletic, Pausini, Cheope, BluntRate
1-04Laura PausiniNel Modo Più Sincero Che C'ÈVuletic, Pausini, CheopeRate
1-05Laura PausiniUn Fatto OvvioVuletic, Pausini, CheopeRate
1-06Laura PausiniIl Mio BeneficioVuletic, Pausini, CheopeRate
1-07Laura PausiniPrima Che EsciGrignaniRate
1-08Laura PausiniPiù Di IeriVuletic, Pausini, CheopeRate
1-09Laura PausiniBellissimo CosìFratoni, Coro, Pausini, CheopeRate
1-10Laura PausiniL'ImpressioneVuletic, Pausini, CheopeRate
1-11Laura PausiniLa Geografia Del Mio CamminoPausini, Carta, Cheope, AgliardiRate
1-12Laura PausiniOgni Colore Al CieloCarta, Galbiati, Fratoni, Pausini, CheopeRate
1-13Laura PausiniPrimavera In AnticipoVuletic, Pausini, CheopeRate
1-14Laura PausiniSorella TerraVuletic, Pausini, CheopeRate
CD2: Primavera Anticipada
2-01Laura PausiniAlzando Nuestros BrazosCarta, Pausini, Cheope, J. BallesterosRate
2-02Laura PausiniEn Cambio NoPausini, Carta, Agliardi, J. BallesterosRate
2-03Laura Pausini Duet With James BluntPrimavera Anticipada (It Is My Song)Vuletic, Pausini, Cheope, Blunt, I. BallesterosRate
2-04Laura PausiniDel Modo Más SinceroVuletic, Pausini, Cheope, I. BallesterosRate
2-05Laura PausiniUn Hecho ObvioVuletic, Pausini, Cheope, J. BallesterosRate
2-06Laura PausiniMis BeneficiosVuletic, Pausini, Cheope, J. BallesterosRate
2-07Laura PausiniAntes De IrteGrignani, I. BallesterosRate
2-08Laura PausiniMás Que AyerVuletic, Pausini, Cheope, I. BallesterosRate
2-09Laura PausiniBellisimo AsíFratoni, Coro, Pausini, Cheope, J. BallesterosRate
2-10Laura PausiniLa ImpresiónVuletic, Pausini, Cheope, I. BallesterosRate
2-11Laura PausiniLa Geografía De Mi CaminoPausini, Carta, Cheope, Agliardi, J. BallesterosRate
2-12Laura PausiniCada Color Al CieloCarta, Galbiati, Fratoni, Pausini, Cheope, J. BallesterosRate
2-13Laura PausiniPrimavera AnticipadaVuletic, Pausini, Cheope, I. BallesterosRate
2-14Laura PausiniHermana TierraVuletic, Pausini, Cheope, J. BallesterosRate


℗&© 2008 Warner Music Italia S.r.l.
A Warner Music Group Company

Produced by Laura Pausini for GenteMusic
Executive production and management: Gabriele Parisi for GenteManagement
GenteMusic: Silvia Pausini, Fabrizio Pausini, Marzia Gonzo
GenteManagement: Sara Barbieri, Carolina Negroni, Luca Ricci
Laura Pausini Official Fanclub: Isabella Berardi
Legal representation: Patrizio Visco
Booking Agency: Roberto De Luca - Milano Concerti - Live Nation
Press Agency: Dalia Gaberscik - Goigest

Photos: Kenneth Willardt - Blob CG
Hair and make-up: Marco Terzulli
Styling: Francesco Federico
Booklet wardrobe: Gucci, Vera Wang, A.N.G.E.L.O., Frankie Morello
Booklet accessories: Pianegonda, Burberry, Emanuele Bicocchi Jewels, Tarina Tarantino, Giuseppe Zanotti

Artwork: Stefano Scozzese
Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA, USA

Identifying codes:
Matrix/Runout CD1: 5051865054726 5051865053620 26094
Matrix/Runout CD2: 5051865054726 5051865053828 26095
Mastering Sid Code CD1,CD2: IFPI L213
Mould Sid Code CD1: IFPI 3709
Mould Sid Code CD2: IFPI 3705
Rights Society: SIAE


Comments and Reviews
6th Jan 2021
 Tracks 1,2,11,12:
Produced by Laura Pausini and Paolo Carta
Arranged by Paolo Carta
Drums and percussions: Curt Bisquera
Bass: Cesare Chiodo
Guitars and computer programming: Paolo Carta
Piano and hammond: Luca Scarpa
Backing vocals: Laura Pausini, Stefano De Maco, Manu Cortesi, Roberta Granà
Recorded and mixed at ORS Oliveta Recording Studios, Castelbolognese, RA, Italy by Steve Lyon and Paolo Carta
Additional recording and studio assistant: Nicola Fantozzi
Studio Manager: Fabrizio Pausini
Strings written and conducted by Paolo Carta
Orchestra: B.I.M. Orchestra, recorded at Forum Music Village, Rome, Italy, by Steve Lyon, studio assistant Davide Palmiotto
Orchestra contractor: Giuseppe Tortora
Leader: Prisca Amori
Tracks 3,4,5,7,8,9,13:
Produced and arranged by Dado Parisini
Drums: Curt Bisquera, Alfredo Golino
Bass: Cesare Chiodo
Computer programming and sound design: Max "MC" Costa
Guitars: Massimo Varini, Gabriele Fersini, Emiliano Fantuzzi, Riccardo Galardini
Piano and keyboards: Dado Parisini
Backing vocals: Laura Pausini
Recorded and mixed at Logic Studios, Milan, Italy
Recorded by Max Costa
Mixed by Jon Jacobs
Studio assistant: Matteo Bolzoni, Gabriele Gigli
Vox recorded by Nicola Fantozzi at ORS Oliveta Recording Studios, Castelbolognese, RA, Italy
James Blunt's vox recorded by Stéphane Reichart, Matteo Bolzoni, Gabriele Parisi at Studio De La Seine, Paris, France
Strings written and conducted by Dado Parisini and Rocco Petruzzi
Orchestra: Roma Sinfonietta's Orchestra, recorded at Forum Music Village, Rome, Italy, recorded by Fabio Patrignani, studio assistant Davide Palmiotto
Orchestra contractor: Rocco Petruzzi
Tracks 6,10,14:
Produced and arranged by Celso Valli
Drums: Alfredo Golino
Bass: Cesare Chiodo
Computer programming: Luca Bignardi
Guitars: Massimo Varini, Giorgio Secco
Piano and keyboards: Celso Valli
Backing vocals: Beverly Skeet, Hayley Sanderson, Lance Ellington, Peter Howarth, the children of the "Sylvia Young School"
Choral co-ordination: Jenny O'Grady
Flutes and pan flute: Andy Findon
Recorded and mixed at Studio Impatto, Bologna, Italy
Additional recording at Fonoprint, Bologna, Italy, Abbey Road, London, UK
Recorded and mixed by Luca Bignardi
Studio assistant: Marco Borsatti
Vox recorded by Marco Borsatti at ORS Oliveta Recording Studios, Castelbolognese, RA, Italy
Strings written and conducted by Celso Valli
Orchestra: London Orchestra
Orchestra recorded at Abbey Road, London, UK, recorded by Jonathan Allen, studio assistant Chris Bolse
Orchestra contractor: Isobel Griffith assisted by Charlotte Matthews
Leader: Perry Montague-Mason

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