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Artist:Laura Pausini
Label:  Atlantic
Format:Special Edition
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Price Guide:$22
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CD: Inedito + Medley New Year's Eve
1-01Laura PausiniBenvenutoL. Pausini, N. Agliardi, P. CartaRate
1-02Laura PausiniNon Ho Mai SmessoL. Pausini, N. Agliardi, P. CartaRate
1-03Laura PausiniBastavaL. Pausini, N. Agliardi, M. PelanRate
1-04Laura PausiniLe Cose Che Non Mi AspettoL. Pausini, N. Agliardi, L. ChiaravalliRate
1-05Laura Pausini Featuring Ivano FossatiTroppo TempoI. FossatiRate
1-06Laura PausiniMi TengoL. Pausini, N. Agliardi, M. Bassi, S. BertolottiRate
1-07Laura PausiniOgnuno Ha La Sua MatitaL. Pausini, Cheope, D. VuleticRate
1-08Laura Pausini Duet With Gianna NanniniIneditoL. Pausini, Cheope, D. VuleticRate
1-09Laura PausiniCome Vivi Senza MeL. Pausini, Cheope, D. VuleticRate
1-10Laura Pausini Duet With Silvia PausiniNel Primo SguardoN. Fabi, L. Pausini, P. CartaRate
1-11Laura PausiniNessuno SaL. Pausini, N. Agliardi, P. CartaRate
1-12Laura PausiniCelesteL. Pausini, B. Dati, G. OrlandiRate
1-13Laura PausiniTutto Non Fa TeL. Pausini, N. Agliardi, S. Bertolotti, L. ChiaravalliRate
1-14Laura PausiniTi Dico CiaoL. Pausini, Cheope, D. VuleticRate
Medley New Year's Eve
1-15Laura PausiniDisco Inferno/Never Can Say Goodbye/Celebration/Relight My Fire/Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood/Le Freak/We Are Family/Girls Just Wanna Have Fun/Self Control/Tarzan Boy/In Alto Mare/Crying At The Discoteque/Venus/Hot Stuff/WVarious AuthorsRate
DVD: Live Inedito World Tour + Extras
2-01Laura PausiniBenvenutoL. Pausini, N. Agliardi, P. CartaRate
2-02Laura PausiniIo CantoR. Cocciante, M. LubertiRate
2-03Laura PausiniCon La Musica Alla RadioL. Pausini, Cheope, D. VuleticRate
2-04Laura PausiniBastavaL. Pausini, N. Agliardi, M. PelanRate
2-05Laura PausiniSurrender / Bellissimo CosìD. Deviller, S. Hosein, S. Smith, A. Anderson, F. Camba, D. Coro, L. Pausini, CheopeRate
2-06Laura PausiniNel Primo SguardoN. Fabi, L. Pausini, P. CartaRate
2-07Laura PausiniInedito Guitar WarP. CartaRate
2-08Laura PausiniIneditoL. Pausini, Cheope, D. VuleticRate
2-09Laura PausiniPrimavera In Anticipo (It Is My Song)L. Pausini, Cheope, J. Blunt, D. VuleticRate
2-10Laura PausiniCome Se Non Fosse Stato Mai AmoreL. Pausini, Cheope, D. VuleticRate
2-11Laura PausiniNon C'ÈF. Cavalli, A. Valsiglio, P. CremonesiRate
2-12Laura PausiniIntro "Father's Eye"P. CartaRate
2-13Laura PausiniMedley Luna: Celeste/La Geografia Del Mio Cammino/Nessuno Sa/GenteL. Pausini, Cheope, N. Agliardi, P. Carta, A. Valsiglio, M. MaratiRate
2-14Laura PausiniInvece NoL. Pausini, N. Agliardi, P. CartaRate
2-15Laura PausiniLa Mia Banda Suona Il RockI. FossatiRate
2-16Laura PausiniNon Ho Mai SmessoL. Pausini, N. Agliardi, P. CartaRate
2-17Laura PausiniMedley New Year's Eve: Medley Tribute: Black Or White/Papa Don't PreachM. Jackson, B. ElliotRate
2-18Laura Pausini With Syria, Paola Iezzi, Chiara IezziLady MarmaladeR. Crewe, K. NolanRate
2-19Laura PausiniBackstage 2DRate
2-20Laura PausiniSpecial Moments In 3DRate
2-21Laura PausiniBenvenutoL. Pausini, N. Agliardi, P. CartaRate
2-22Laura PausiniNon Ho Mai SmessoL. Pausini, N. Agliardi, P. CartaRate
2-23Laura PausiniBastavaL. Pausini, N. Agliardi, M. PelanRate
2-24Laura PausiniMi TengoL. Pausini, N. Agliardi, M. Bassi, S. BertolottiRate
2-25Laura PausiniLe Cose Che Non Mi AspettoL. Pausini, N. Agliardi, L. ChiaravalliRate
2-26Laura PausiniTroppo TempoI. FossatiRate


CD: ℗&© 2011 except track 15 ℗&© 2012
DVD: ℗&© 2012 Warner Music Italia S.r.l.
A Warner Music Group Company

Produced by Laura Pausini
Executive Production and Management: GenteMusic
For GenteMusic: Marco Nuzzi, Rosaria Sindona
CEO GenteMusic: Silvia Pausini
Artist Personal Assistant: Marzia Gonzo

Cover Photo by Mark Liddell
Artwork by Paolo De Francesco and Laura Pausini in collaboration with Francesco Federico
Photos by Julian Hargreaves, Giorgio Fazio, Naphtalina, Simone Di Luca, Marco Piraccini, Jordi Martín Romero

Picture format: PAL, 16:9 anamorphic
Region code: all areas - subtitles: English
Colour mode: colour
Disc format: DVD9 dual-layer disc. Layer transition may trigger a slight pause.
Audio: stereo PCM - dolby digital 5.1
Duration approx: 150 mins

Identifying codes:
Matrix/Runout CD: [warner logo] 55300982/5053105500628-1 21
Matrix/Runout DVD Layer0: [warner logo] 55300978/5053105500628-2 DO 21
Matrix/Runout DVD Layer1: [warner logo] 55300979/5053105500628-2 D 21
Mastering Sid Code CD,DVD: IFPI LB 45
Mould Sid Code CD: IFPI 076Y
Mould Sid Code DVD: IFPI 07J2
Rights Society: S.I.A.E.


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Comments and Reviews
9th Jan 2021
Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11: produced by Laura Pausini and Paolo Carta, arranged by Paolo Carta
Tracks 9, 14: produced by Laura Pausini and Daniel Vuletic, arranged by Nick Ingman and Daniel Vuletic
Tracks 5, 6, 12: produced and arranged by Celso Valli
Tracks 7, 8: produced and arranged by Corrado Rustici
Track 13: produced by Laura Pausini and Simone Bertolotti, arranged by Simone Bertolotti
Track 15: produced by Paolo Carta, Bruno Zucchetti and Emiliano Bassi
Live Audio:
Artistic Production by Paolo Carta
Mixed by Marco Monforte, Paolo Carta and Nicola Fantozzi at ORS Oliveta Recording Studio (Castel Bolognese, RA, Italy), Studio Manager: Fabrizio Pausini
Live Recording: ORS Mobile Studio
Mastered by Maurizio Biancani assisted by Roberto Bartilucci at Fonoprint (Bologna, Italy)
Live Show:
Production Designer: Mark Fisher
Lighting Designer: Patrick Woodroffe
Creative Direction: Marco Balich & Laura Pausini
Musical Direction: Paolo Carta
Choreographer: Nikos Lagousakos
Costume Designer: Catherine Buyse Dian
Band: Emiliano Bassi, Matteo Bassi, Paolo Carta, Nicola Oliva, Bruno Zucchetti, Gianluigi Fazio, Roberta Granà, Monica Hill
With the participation of Antonella Alfonso, Carlo Barbero, Alessio Guerrieri
Dancers: Stefano Benedetti, Valentina Beretta, Bruno Centola, Santo Giuliano, Luca Paoloni, Erika Simonetti, Tiziana Vitto
Live DVD directed by Nicolò Cerioni and Leandro Manuel Emede
Filmed by Sugarkane Productions and Event Management
Edited by Leandro Manuel Emede
Authoring: Alberto Cerchierini at Fonoprint (Bologna, Italy)

Filmed by Maurizio Maggi, Giovanni Benassi, Salvatore Billeci
Edited by Marianna Maggiore, Maurizio Maggi
Special Moments in 3D by Alliance and Maurizio Maggi
Filmed by Marco Mensa, Steve Sarzi, Luca Morelli, Salvatore Billeci
Stereography: Gigi Busacchi
Editing: Elisa Mereghetti, Steve Sarzi

Tracks 21, 22, 23: by Gaetano Morbioli
Track 24: by Gianluigi Fazio and Giorgio Fazio
Track 25: by Salvatore Billeci
Track 26: by Leandro Manuel Emede and Nicolò Cerioni

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