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Artist:The Who
Title:The Singles
Label:  Polydor
Catalogue:815 965-2
Format:CD Album
Genre:Pop, Beat, Rock
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Community: 7 Own
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01The WhoSubstitutePete TownshendRate
02The WhoI'm A BoyPete TownshendRate
03The WhoHappy JackPete TownshendRate
04The WhoPictures Of LilyPete TownshendRate
05The WhoI Can See For MilesPete TownshendRate
06The WhoMagic BusPete TownshendRate
07The WhoPinball WizardPete TownshendRate
08The WhoMy GenerationPete TownshendRate
09The WhoSummertime BluesEddie Cochran, Jerry CapehartRate
10The WhoWon't Get Fooled AgainPete TownshendRate
11The WhoLet's See ActionPete TownshendRate
12The WhoJoin TogetherPete TownshendRate
13The Who5:15Pete TownshendRate
14The WhoSqueeze BoxPete TownshendRate
15The WhoWho Are YouPete TownshendRate
16The WhoYou Better You BetPete TownshendRate


Comments and Reviews
Vinyl Fan
25th Jan 2021
 Added left and right inside cover and disc scans.

15th Aug 2017
 Not all tracks are exactly the Singles versions.
The back cover is the new and improved 2nd attempt at some level of accuracy with track timings.
This is what's on this:
1. Substitute: 3'46 - mono
2. I'm A Boy: 2'38 - mono - full length (some versions have early fade)
3. Happy Jack: 2'12 - mono - full length (some versions have early fade)
4. Pictures Of Lily: 2'43 - mono
5. I Can See For Miles: 4'00 - mono - shorter version (by 5 seconds) with the Entwistle re-recorded bass guitar overdub
6. Magic Bus: 3'15 - mono - early fade (some versions 4-6 seconds longer)
7. Pinball Wizard: 3'01 - stereo
8. My Generation: 3'17 - mono
9. Summertime Blues: 3'22 - stereo
10. Won't Get Fooled Again: 3'36 - complete edit version
11. Let's See Action: 3'58
12. Join Together: 4'20
13. 5.15: 4'18 - different stereo mix & edited version of the original 7" at 4'48
14: Squeeze Box: 2'40
15: Who Are You: 5'01 - with the alternate acoustic guitar solo that's different to the album version
16: You Better You Bet: 5'35

17th Oct 2014
 Hi Greg, this issue is more likely for Australia, as Polygram here used the same catalogue number system as used in Europe and the rest of the world excluding Japan, where the Polygram companies used different numbering. It's possible that some or all of the Aussie issues were pressed in South Korea, but they still used the European numbers and packaging.

gregs45s SUBS
16th Oct 2014
 Are you sure it was this issue and not the Japanese copy (1984)(same front cover)(more likely perhaps) that you saw in Aus?,most other sites have this Cat No under Europe.

16th Oct 2014
 Or Not

16th Oct 2014
 That's what I think too.
Maybe a voice or two before we change?

16th Oct 2014
 Fairly understandable, given the French price code and German label code, but given the date, most countries wouldn't have had their own factories yet (Australia certainly didn't, and I remember seeing this in the shops here), so this should be "International".

16th Oct 2014
 Why Europe as country for this one?

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