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Artist:The Rolling Stones
Title:Hot Rocks 1964-1971
Label:  Abkco / London
Date:Jun 1990
Catalogue:820 140-2
Format:Double CD
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Community: 20 Own
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1-01The Rolling StonesTime Is On My SideJerry RagavoyRate
1-02The Rolling StonesHeart Of StoneJagger, RichardRate
1-03The Rolling StonesPlay With FireNanker PhelgeRate
1-04The Rolling Stones(I Can't Get No) SatisfactionJagger, RichardRate
1-05The Rolling StonesAs Tears Go ByJagger, Richard, OldhamRate
1-06The Rolling StonesGet Off Of My CloudJagger, RichardRate
1-07The Rolling StonesMother's Little HelperJagger, RichardRate
1-08The Rolling Stones19th Nervous BreakdownJagger, RichardRate
1-09The Rolling StonesPaint It BlackJagger, RichardRate
1-10The Rolling StonesUnder My ThumbJagger, RichardRate
1-11The Rolling StonesRuby TuesdayJagger, RichardRate
1-12The Rolling StonesLet's Spend The Night TogetherJagger, RichardRate
2-01The Rolling StonesJumpin' Jack FlashJagger, RichardRate
2-02The Rolling StonesStreet Fighting ManJagger, RichardRate
2-03The Rolling StonesSympathy For The DevilJagger, RichardRate
2-04The Rolling StonesHonky Tonk WomanJagger, RichardRate
2-05The Rolling StonesGimme ShelterJagger, RichardRate
2-06The Rolling StonesMidnight Rambler (Live)Jagger, RichardRate
2-07The Rolling StonesYou Can't Always Get What You WantJagger, RichardRate
2-08The Rolling StonesBrown SugarJagger, RichardRate
2-09The Rolling StonesWild HorsesJagger, RichardRate


2 CD Fatbox
4-way fold-out to small poster


Comments and Reviews
3rd Apr 2015
 Added original slipcase which has the slightly extended barcode 042282014023.

2nd Apr 2015
 Gold coloured discs they are not, rather a brownish tint. the original 1990 discs manufactured by PDO in the UK suffer from "disc bronzing or disc rot" as do so many others that they and some other UK manufacturers produced. read Wiki's report on this
Also this originally came in a slip case with some different titling, I will upload these latter.

cannyuk SUBS
31st Dec 2014
 Added alternatiive Black versions of the CDs

cannyuk SUBS
31st Dec 2014
 @Syd Vliet. This album was first released as a double LP back in 1971 in the States (see https://rateyourmusic.com/release/comp/the_rolling_stones/hot_rocks__1964_1971__f1.p/). In 1986 the album was re-mastered and become available on disc in the US for the first time, hence the publishing date. In 1990 it was released for the first time as a set, having previously been available here as 2 separate albums.

Syd Vliet
7th Jun 2014
 Re-issue of the double CD first released circa 1986 (it had also been available as two separate volumes). Gold coloured discs, although they are silver at the back. The folded booklet opens out into a larger square with another reproduction of the front cover on the back.

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