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Artist:Don And Dewey
Title:Jungle Hop
Label:  Ace
Catalogue:CDCHD 358
Format:CD Album
Genre:Rhythm & Blues, Blues
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Community: 4 Own
Price Guide:$11
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01Don And DeweyJungle HopDon Harris, Dewey TerryRate
02Don And DeweyA Little LoveDon Harris, Dewey TerryRate
03Don And DeweyHey ThelmaRate
04Don And DeweyBaby Gotta PartyRate
05Don And DeweyMiss SueRate
06Don And DeweyGood Morning (Take 4)Don Harris, Dewey TerryRate
07Don And DeweyLeavin' It All Up To YouDon Harris, Dewey TerryRate
08Don And DeweyJelly BeanDon Harris, Dewey TerryRate
09Don And DeweySweet Talk (Take 13)Don Harris, Dewey TerryRate
10Don And DeweyFarmer John (Slow Version) (Take 1)Don Harris, Dewey TerryRate
11Don And DeweyJust A Little Lovin'Don Harris, Dewey TerryRate
12Don And DeweyThe LetterDon Harris, Dewey TerryRate
13Don And DeweyWhen The Sun Has Begun To ShineDon Harris, Dewey TerryRate
14Don And DeweyBim BamDon Harris, Dewey TerryRate
15Don And DeweyDay By Day (Take 3)Rate
16Don And DeweyKoko JoeSonny BonoRate
17Don And DeweyJustineDon Harris, Dewey TerryRate
18Don And DeweyLittle Sally WalkerC. TurnerRate
19Don And DeweyKill MeDon Harris, Dewey TerryRate
20Don And DeweyBig Boy PeteDon Harris, Dewey TerryRate
21Don And DeweyFarmer JohnDon Harris, Dewey TerryRate
22Don And DeweyPink ChampagneJ. LigginsRate
23Don And DeweyJump AwhileDon Harris, Dewey TerryRate
24Don And DeweyMammer-JammerDon Harris, Dewey TerryRate
25Don And DeweyGet Your HatDon Harris, Dewey TerryRate


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