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Artist:Original Broadway Cast
Title:Evita (Premiere American Recording)
Label:  MCA
Format:Double CD
Genre:Stage & Screen, Musicals
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Community: 2 Own
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1-01Original Broadway CastA Cinema In Bueno Aires, 26 July 1952Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
1-02Original Broadway CastRequiem For Evita / Oh What A CircusAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
1-03Original Broadway CastOn This Night Of A Thousand Stars / Eva And Magaldi / Eva Beware Of The CityAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
1-04Original Broadway CastBuenos AiresAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
1-05Original Broadway CastGoodnight And Thank YouAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
1-06Original Broadway CastThe Art Of The PossibleAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
1-07Original Broadway CastCharity Concert / I'd Be Surprisingly Good For YouAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
1-08Original Broadway CastAnother Suitcase In Another HallAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
1-09Original Broadway CastPeron's Latest FlameAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
1-10Original Broadway CastA New ArgentinaAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
2-01Original Broadway CastOn The Balcony Of The Casa Rosada / Don't Cry For Me ArgentinaAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
2-02Original Broadway CastHigh Flying, AdoredAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
2-03Original Broadway CastRainbow HighAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
2-04Original Broadway CastRainbow TourAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
2-05Original Broadway CastThe Actress Hasn't Learned The Lines (You'd Like To Hear)Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
2-06Original Broadway CastAnd The Money Kept Rolling In (And Out)Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
2-07Original Broadway CastSanta EvitaAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
2-08Original Broadway CastWaltz For Eva And CheAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
2-09Original Broadway CastShe Is A DiamondAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
2-10Original Broadway CastDice Are RollingAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
2-11Original Broadway CastEva's Final BroadcastAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
2-12Original Broadway CastMontageAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate
2-13Original Broadway CastLamentAndrew Lloyd Webber, Tim RiceRate


Comments and Reviews
10th Oct 2021
 There are two jewel cases, but oddly enough both inlays are exactly the same with track listings corresponding to the first disc. I'm not sure if this was a widespread error or just exclusive to my copy.

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