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Artist:The Walkers [Netherlands]
Title:Greatest Hits
Label:  T2 Entertainment / Telstar
Format:Double CD
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Price Guide:$15
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1-01The Walkers [Netherlands]There's No More Corn On The BrasosInnemee, Peters, J. InnemeeRate
1-02The Walkers [Netherlands]Everybody Loves Saturday NightInnemee, J. InnemeeRate
1-03The Walkers [Netherlands]Rock Island LineJ. Hoes, J. Innemee, M. Vrijens, C. PetersRate
1-04The Walkers [Netherlands]Long Summer DayInnemee, J. Innemee, C. PetersRate
1-05The Walkers [Netherlands]Nobody Loves Like An IrishmanJ Hoes, DonoganRate
1-06The Walkers [Netherlands]Sally PleaseF. Limpens, Innemee, PeetersRate
1-07The Walkers [Netherlands]My Darling HelenaInnemee, Peters, M. HadjidakisRate
1-08The Walkers [Netherlands]The NightF. Limpens, W. Theunissen, PeetersRate
1-09The Walkers [Netherlands]Sister JoanneInnemee, J. InnemeeRate
1-10The Walkers [Netherlands]On The Sixth Of JulyJ. Hoes, J. InnemeeRate
1-11The Walkers [Netherlands]I Adore HerInnemee, BurgessRate
1-12The Walkers [Netherlands]TabooInnemee, J. Innemee, C. Peters, M. VrijensRate
1-13The Walkers [Netherlands]Dance Of LoveInnemee, J. Innemee, C. Peters, M. VrijensRate
1-14The Walkers [Netherlands]Gipsy WomanJ. Innemee, J. Innemee, C. Peters, M. VrijensRate
1-15The Walkers [Netherlands]Clown In TownF. Limpens, J. CoenenRate
1-16The Walkers [Netherlands]In The EveningJ. Innemee, C. Peters, R. Innemee, J. Innemee, C. PetersRate
1-17The Walkers [Netherlands]Oh SuzannaInnemee, Peters, J. Innemee, C. PetersRate
1-18The Walkers [Netherlands]Oh Lonesome MeInnemee, Peters, D. GibsonRate
1-19The Walkers [Netherlands]I've Got A Tiger By The TailInnemee, Peters, B. OwensRate
1-20The Walkers [Netherlands]Jack Of DiamondJ. Innemee, C. Peters, R. Innemee, J. Innemee, C. PetersRate
2-01The Walkers [Netherlands]WaterlooF. Limpens, S. JacksonRate
2-02The Walkers [Netherlands]The Story Of A Social EnemyJ. Innemee, C. Peters, HendersonRate
2-03The Walkers [Netherlands]Gin And RumF. Limpens, L. SteinbuschRate
2-04The Walkers [Netherlands]The House Of The Rising SunJ. Innemee, C. Peters, R. Innemee, J. Innemee, C. PetersRate
2-05The Walkers [Netherlands]Loving Her Was EasierJ.Innemee, C. Peters, K. KristoffersonRate
2-06The Walkers [Netherlands]I'll Be Your Baby TonightJ. Innemee, C. Peters, B. DylanRate
2-07The Walkers [Netherlands]Drums Of Bora BoraInnemee, J. Innemee, C. PetersRate
2-08The Walkers [Netherlands]Dry BonesJ. Hoes, C. PetersRate
2-09The Walkers [Netherlands]Chewing GumF. Limpens, J. Innemee, C. PetersRate
2-10The Walkers [Netherlands]Alabama BoundF. Limpens, J. Innemee, C. PetersRate
2-11The Walkers [Netherlands]The Cotton SongF. Limpens, InnemeeRate
2-12The Walkers [Netherlands]Green CornPeters, InnemeeRate
2-13The Walkers [Netherlands]Freight TrainF. Limpens, C. PetersRate
2-14The Walkers [Netherlands]The Ballad Of The FishermanJ. Hoes, InnemeeRate
2-15The Walkers [Netherlands]Worried ManF. Limpens, J. Innemee, M. Vrijens, C. PetersRate
2-16The Walkers [Netherlands]Seven Golden DaffodilsJ. Hoes, C. PetersRate
2-17The Walkers [Netherlands]O'RileyJ. Hoes, InnmeeRate
2-18The Walkers [Netherlands]Who Killed The FishInnemee, J. Innemee, M. VrijensRate
2-19The Walkers [Netherlands]Fairyland QueenF. Limpens, J. Innemee, M. VrijensRate
2-20The Walkers [Netherlands]Play Gipsy PlayF. Limpens, A. HoesRate


℗ 2010 Telstar BV © 2010 T2 Entertainment
Verkoop- en distributie: Pink Records


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