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The Sheppards

Golden Classics

Collectables USACOL-CD-50781989CD Album0  
The Pentagons

Golden Classics

Collectables USACOL-CD-50931989CD Album0  
The Royal Teens

Short Shorts And More Golden Classics

Collectables USACOL-CD-50941989CD Album0  
The Main Ingredient

Golden Classics

Collectables USACOL-CD-51011989CD Album0  
The Showmen

Golden Classics

Collectables USACOL-CD-51621989CD Album0  
Elmore James

The Complete Fire And Enjoy Sessions, Part 1

Collectables USACOL-CD-51841989CD Album0  
Elmore James

The Complete Fire And Enjoy Sessions, Part 2

Collectables USACOL-CD-51851989CD Album0  
Elmore James

The Complete Fire And Enjoy Sessions, Part 3

Collectables USACOL-CD-51861989CD Album0  
Elmore James

The Complete Fire And Enjoy Sessions, Part 4

Collectables USACOL-CD-51871989CD Album0  
Chick Willis

Stoop Down Baby, Let Your Daddy See

Collectables USACOL-CD-51931989CD Album1  
Ruby Andrews

Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over)

Collectables USACOL-CD-52011989CD Album0  
The Jive Five

Their Greatest Hits

Collectables USACOL-CD-50221990CD Album0  
Lee Andrews And The Hearts

Biggest Hits

Collectables USACOL-CD-50281990CD Album0  
The Volumes

Golden Classics

Collectables USACOL-CD 50321990CD Album0  
The Intrigues

In A Moment

Collectables USACOL-CD-51801990CD Album1  
Johnny Copeland

The Copeland Collection Vol. 1

Collectables USACOL-CD-52211990CD Album0  
Dan Pickett

1949 Country Blues

Collectables USACOL-CD-53111990CD Album0  
Various Artists

Alley Special

Collectables USACOL-CD-53201990CD Album0  
Thelma Cooper And Daisy Mae And Her Hepcats

Thelma Cooper And Daisy Mae And Her Hepcats

Collectables USACOL-CD-53221990CD Album1  
Various Artists

East Coast Blues

Collectables USACOL-CD-53241990CD Album1  
Various Artists

Hi-Tone Poppa

Collectables USACOL-CD-53301990CD Album0  
Various Artists

J. B. Summers And The Blues Shouters

Collectables USACOL-CD-53331990CD Album0  
Various Artists

Long Gone Daddy

Collectables USACOL-CD-53351990CD Album0  
Various Artists

Bill Jennings-Stompin' With Bill

Collectables USACOL-CD-53381990CD Album0  
Dave "Baby" Cortez

The Happy Organ - 13 Original Classics

Collectables USACOL-CD-60801990CD Album0  

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