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King Diamond

The Spider's Lullabye

Massacre GermanyMASS CD 0621995CD Album0  
Pretty Maids


Massacre GermanyMASS CD 04713 Jan 1995CD Album0 $16
Theatre Of Tragedy

Theatre Of Tragedy

Massacre GermanyMAS CD0634 Jul 1995CD Album0 $18
Pretty Maids

Screamin' Live

Massacre GermanyMAS CD008116 Nov 1995CD Album0 $16
King Diamond

The Graveyard

Massacre GermanyMAS CD01031996CD Album1  

Pound For Pound

Massacre GermanyMASS CD 0971996CD Album0 $11
Theatre Of Tragedy

Velvet Darkness They Fear

Massacre GermanyMAS CD010727 Sep 1996CD Album0 $13
Pretty Maids


Massacre GermanyMAS CD01191997CD Album0  

Reopening The Gates

Massacre GermanyMAS CD01241997CD Album0  

The Answer Machine?

Massacre GermanyMAS DP01281997CD Album0  

Speed Of Sound

Massacre GermanyMAS CD01731998CD Album0 $11
Vicious Rumors


Massacre GermanyMAS DP01421998CD Album0  
King Diamond


Massacre GermanyMAS DP01551998CD Album0  
Solitude Aeturnus


Massacre GermanyMAS CD0161Apr 1998CD Album0 $16
Theatre Of Tragedy


Massacre GermanyMAS CD015911 May 1998CD Album0 $15
Seven Witches

Second War In Heaven

Massacre GermanyMAS CD01811999CD Album0  

Raw Tracks

Massacre GermanyMAS CD01941999CD Album0  

Morning Crimson

Massacre GermanyMAS CD01907 Jun 1999CD Album0  
The Bronx Casket Co.

The Bronx Casket Co.

Massacre GermanyMAS DP018821 Jun 1999CD Album1  
Pretty Maids

First Cuts... And Then Some

Massacre GermanyMAS CD02276 Dec 1999CD Album0 $18
Seven Witches

City Of Lost Souls

Massacre GermanyMAS CD02252000CD Album0  
Pink Cream 69

Sonic Dynamite

Massacre GermanyMAS CD02302000CD Album0  

State Of Triumph - Chapter Two

Massacre GermanyMAS CD02432000CD Album0  

Plenty Of Power

Massacre GermanyMAS CD02562000CD Album0 $14
USM [United States Of Mind]

Silver Step Child

Massacre GermanyMAS CD02622000CD Album1  

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