Lost Harold Lloyd films

Of the top three comedians of the silent era, Harold Lloyd BY FAR has the most films missing.
Since starting this list the thought lost short film “Luke’s Double” has been found. Hopefully over time, this list will be shorter as more get found (check our attic).
List of 47 Movies by Joyful Jukebox
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PeopleClick to ViewMovieYearFormat
1Rory O’ The Bogs1913Short
2Willie Runs The Park1915Short
3Spitball Sadie1915Short
4Terribly Stuck Up1915Short
5A Mixup For Mazie1915Short
6Some Baby1915Short
7Fresh From The Farm1915Short
8Bughouse Bellhops1915Short
9Tinkering With Trouble1915Short
10Great While It Lasted1915Short
11Ragtime Snap Shots1915Short
12A Foozle At The Tee Party1915Short
13Ruses, Rhymes And Roughnecks1915Short
14Lonesome Luke, Social Gangster1915Short
15Lonesome Luke Leans To The Literary1916Short
16Luke Lugs Luggage1916Short
17Luke Lolls In Luxury1916Short
18Luke Foils The Villain1916Short
19Luke And The Rural Roughnecks1916Short
20Luke Pipes The Pippins1916Short
21Lonesome Luke, Circus King1916Short
22Them Was The Happy Days!1916Short
23Luke And The Bomb Throwers1916Short
24Luke’s Late Lunchers1916Short
25Luke Laughs Last1916Short
26Luke’s Fatal Flivver1916Short
27Luke’s Society Mix-Up1916Short
28Luke’s Washful Waiting1916Short
29Luke Rides Roughshod1916Short
30Luke, Crystal Gazer1916Short
31Luke’s Lost Lamb1916Short
32Luke Does The Midway1916Short
33Luke And The Mermaids1916Short
34Luke’s Speedy Club Life1916Short
35Luke The Chauffeur1916Short
36Luke’s Preparedness Preparations1916Short
37Luke The Gladiator1916Short
38Luke The Patient Provider1916Short
39Luke’s Newsie Knockout1916Short
40Luke, Rank Impersonator1916Short
41Luke’s Fireworks Fizzle1916Short
42Luke’s Shattered Sleep1916Short
43Luke’s Lost Liberty1917Short
44Luke’s Busy Day1917Short
45Luke’s Trolley Troubles1917Short
46Lonesome Luke, Lawyer1917Short
47Luke Wins Ye Ladye Faire1917Short

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