(500) Days Of Summer

Country:  USA
Genre:Rom-Com, Drama
Rating:8.0  Rate
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DirectorMarc Webb
Selected CastJoseph Gordon-Levitt as Tom
 Zooey Deschanel as Summer
 Geoffrey Arend as McKenzie
 Chloë Grace Moretz as Rachel
 Matthew Gray Gubler as Paul

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(500) Days Of Summer - 20th Century Fox - UK (2010)

(500) Days Of Summer - 20th Century Fox - USA (2009)

(500) Days Of Summer - 20th Century Fox - USA (2009)


Comments and Reviews
6th Aug 2021

Magic Marmalade
7th Apr 2021
 Rated 8/10
A boy becomes a man...

...the hard way.

For as this movie makes clear, this is not a love story, it's a story about love... especially how young guys drag their adolescence into adulthood, before "love" or infatuation kicks it out of them...


As Tom works in a greeting card company, and is basically a young guy with dreams of a life in architecture which seems destined to remain one of those dream not acted upon, all the while hanging out with his friends pretty much the same as he did at school, and with the corresponding level of maturity...

...Until, of course, the mysterious young woman arrives in the company, in the shape of Summer.

Naturally, he gets all moody, goes overboard, and has his heart broken.

The film jumps about across the titular 500 days, contrasting the good days of hazy romantic idealised memory, and juxtaposes them with the gloomy 20-something-noir days of his crushed existence because of her.

And in so doing, he's trying to gain perspective on the events of the 500 days, and their relationship, and come out the other side... perhaps a little wiser.

This film could easily be mistaken for a typical teen-angst, high school style melodrama for a younger audience, but actually, it's much more than that, as it is very innovative, witty, very sharply written, and very funny.

probably for a slightly older 30 something audience looking back (And trying not to cringe at themselves).

For me, at least, this was the role that hanged my perception of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an actor - no longer a "child star", and moved him into an area that allowed him to go star in Christopher Nolan films and such.

And a brave role for Zooey Deschanel to take, as she is, at least on first viewing (And seeing as this is told from Tom's prespective), cast as the distant, remote ice queen villain of the piece...

(Tom even muses at one point if she is in fact, a robot :)

But you eventually realise that it's mainly Tom being a deluded douche, misreading, and misinterpreting through the prism of his youth.

(So themes older guys and younger gals will recognise, and perhaps be all too familiar with)

Over all, a very sharp, funny, and fun, romantic comedy that is a deprecation of a young guy who takes himself too seriously.

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Magic Marmalade
15th Dec 2015

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