Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Country:  USA
Genre:Drama, Romance
Rating:8.6  Rate
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DirectorRichard Brooks
Selected CastElizabeth Taylor as Maggie Pollitt
 Paul Newman as Brick Pollitt
 Burl Ives as Big Daddy Pollitt
 Jack Carson as Gooper Pollitt
 Judith Anderson as Big Momma Pollitt
 Madeleine Sherwood as Mae Pollitt
 Larry Gates as Dr. Baugh
 Vaughn Taylor as Deacon Davis

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Cat On A Hot Tin Roof - MGM / UA - USA (1997)

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof - Warner Home Video - UK (2001)
DVD Box Set

Best Of Warner Bros. 100 Film Collection - Warner Home Video - USA (2013)

Elizabeth Taylor: TCM Greatest Classic Legends Film Collection - Warner Bros. Entertainment - USA (2011)

Comments and Reviews
Magic Marmalade
4th Oct 2022
 Rated 9/10
Still hot after all these years!

Every now and then I come back to watching movies like this again, if I haven't seen them in a while, and they never disappoint...

...In fact, they seem to get better with time when set in context of the movie industry progressively getting, well, if not worse, certainly more formulaic. And I do have a penchant for the movie adaptations of stage plays: A handful of actors in a room or few rooms, hashing out the issues between them (this is why, I suspect whodunnits, submarine movies, spaceship - based horrors and the like works so well... now with added humans! :)

Perhaps the quintessential Tennessee Williams set up, of big old country house in the South, every body hot, bothered, sweaty, and therefore more likely to pop a fuse or two around hitherto unspoken issues bubbling away inside them... result: It all erupts, dialogue, argument, fights, drama!

Centring around Paul Newman's: Brick, and wife: Maggie "The Cat", returning back to be with his Brother and "family" at the family pile to welcome home "Big Daddy" after investigation into his "Spastic Colon" at the hospital... A surface of big house family unity disintegrates slowly under the tension between a temporarily disabled, and steadily more alcoholic Brick (after he hurts his leg trying to relive glory years late at night on the track, while drunk), his wife Maggie, who is trying to keep him on beam for appearances sake, if nothing else, and the tension between them, and his brother's family, and both brothers and their families simultaneously trying to disguise issues in their families, keeping it all from the master of the house, whilst also trying to undermine each other.

The vultures are circling Big Daddy and most specifically, his vast estate.

...But he may have ideas all his own as a consequence of his recent illness.

It is actually, more of a Father / Son "Daddy issues" movie at it's heart, with other attendant family dramas in the periphery, but it all plays out superbly with a bang on cast, making for an all time classic.

If you've not seen it before, It's a max recommendation... If you have, might be worth watching again.

Along with The Hustler, my favourite Paul Newman film.

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18th Aug 2020

Magic Marmalade
22nd Dec 2015

George Slv
28th Sep 2015
 Based on a Tennessee Williams play.
As a young guy Elizabeth Taylor was my favorite female actress. MGM was only making one movie with her yearly, to maintain her value.
So I want to start getting to know her better, I sees the TV ad where she drops her slip down her legs, which were nice, and I goes to the movie.
Lesson learned: flush Tennessee Williams, and MGM didn't appreciate her female appeal enuf.
That leg shot was the only sexy bit in the whole movie.
Here's her husband telling her not to get sexually involved with him. Williams' homo tendencies.
MGM constantly using homosexual lead actors for Liz's movies too.
Go see Cleopatra.

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