Conspiracy? Princess Diana

English Title:   Princess Diana
Format:TV Movie
Country:  USA
Collection:  Seen It     Wishlist 

Selected CastTom Kane as Self - Narrator (voice)
 Mohamed Al-Fayed as Self - Father of Dodi Fayed (archive footage) (as Major Hareeth)
 Michael Cole [2] as Self - Former Al Fayed Spokesman
 Christopher Dickey as Self - Paris Bureau Chief, Newsweek
 Dodi Fayed as Self - Accident Victim (archive footage)
 Martyn Gregory as Self - Author, Diana: The Last Days
 Laurie Mayer as Self - Al Fayed's Former Spokesman (archive footage)
 Jean-Claude Mulès as Self - Crash Investigator
 Peter Nikkos as Dodi Al Fayed (as Peter Nicholas)
 Princess Diana as Self - Accident Victim (archive footage)
 Aaron Michael Reilly as French Policeman
 Simone Simmons as Self - Princess Diana's Confidante
 Jeffrey Steinberg as Self - Senior Editor, Executive Intellgence Review
 Richard Tomlinson as Self - Former British Intelligence Agent
 Ken Wharfe as Self - Princess Diana's Former Bodyguard
 Nicole Rittenmeyer as supervising producer
ProducerDolores Gavin
 Tegan Kinane
 Anna Savill
 Jonathan Towers


Conspiracy? series - Season 1 - Episode 7

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Princess Diana - New Video - USA (2008)

Comments and Reviews
13th Jul 2022
 The Conspiracy? Series (which is the television series that this is a full length entity "episode" for) is in TV World, and at the time has one other "episode" (also DVD) on the Oklahoma City Bombing which has little if any overlap with this "movie" than the hosting series of it. Perhaps there should be an "episode" type either here in Cinema world or as part of TV World, so that self-contained "episodes" in series like this series and others like Frontline, where there are completely different "documentaries that are separate episodes of the series can be identified there. This gives one a way to put in the most of the time "separate" cast that is confined to that one episode like this that might have only some commonality with other episodes with a director, producer, or show host. Everything else in these self-contained episodes are different, which is also likely the reason that in most of these cases these episodes are released as separate DVDs for one episode each rather than a collection of series having many episodes that are release collectively on one DVD or DVD box set that has them more "joined" together in terms of cast, overall story, etc.

Dr Doom SUBS
3rd Jul 2022
 Something like this should be added to TV World

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