English Title:   Ed TV
Country:  USA
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Rating:6.7  Rate
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DirectorRon Howard
Selected CastMatthew McConaughey as Ed 'Eddie' Pekurny
 Jenna Elfman as Shari
 Woody Harrelson as Ray Pekurny
 Sally Kirkland as Jeanette
 Martin Landau as Al
 Ellen DeGeneres as Cynthia Topping
 Rob Reiner as Mr. Whitaker
 Dennis Hopper as Henry 'Hank' Pekurny
 Elizabeth Hurley as Jill

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EDtv - Universal - USA (1999)

EDtv - Columbia TriStar - Australia (1999)

Comments and Reviews
Magic Marmalade
1st Jan 2024
 Rated 7/10
More than meets the eye?

I have only just gotten around to watching this, after all these years, and I know exactly the reason why:

It's that thing which often occurs in movie world, where a "pair" of movies are released at, or around the same time, concerning the same subject matter, and to the naked eye (according to judgements made about the trailers before having watched them) appear to be essentially the same movie, with two studios evidently racing to get their take on it out first...

Armageddon and Deep Impact, or indeed, this, and of course: The Truman Show.

(there can be only one! :)

As such, that latter pretty much blew this clean out of the water, as a movie about a man who's life becomes the object of national, or global attention through the, then emerging format of dreaded "Reality Television" phenomenon, and how it was poised to fundamentally alter the cultural landscape at that time, as well as distorting the very concept of "reality"...

...Some pretty heavy stuff, and tremendously fertile ground for film-makers to explore in anticipation of those burgeoning events, and perhaps with a ready audience, eager to explore through movies like EdTV and The Truman Show, the possible implications, as well as their own anxieties about what was to come.

But I'm disappointed with myself that I didn't give this due attention at the time, as it does have very much it's own story, and concepts to play with, as well as having a lot of key distinctions in the story it tells, and how it tells it:

Truman is the subject from birth, and doesn't know he's a participant, Ed is already a grown man, and is entirely conscious of what is happening, having volunteered to be the star of his own show, for one... which show a different facet of the phenomena and tells a different story:

How does fame alter "reality", both the reality he experiences as opposed to previously, and how does it, in turn, alter him, and affect those around him?

It deals more directly with the issue of the rights of that individual when he pushes back, and has other sub-textual themes equally important (and today, much more prominent than when this was released!): The intelligent and enterprising female TV exec, who creates the show, is marginalised and pushed aside once it becomes successful by the Male TV big boss who assumes the credit.

But aside form these weighty concepts, this is very entertaining, and gets more so as it goes... Rob Reiner is great as the overbearing insufferable TV exec, but in particular: Martin Landau as the wheelchair bound step-father has some of the most killer - funny lines in the movie, and he delivers them with razor sharp perfection:

"I need a pee...

(scoots off to the toilet in mobility scooter)

....wish me luck"


Solid 7 rating, pushing toward and 8.

✔︎ Helpful Review?

28th Dec 2020

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