Local Hero

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Country:  UK
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rating:8.7  Rate
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DirectorBill Forsyth
Selected CastBurt Lancaster
 Peter Riegert as Mac
 Fulton Mackay as Ben
 Denis Lawson as Urquart
 Peter Capaldi as Oldsen
 Jenny Seagrove as Marina
 Christopher Rozycki as Victor
 Jennifer Black as Stella
SoundtrackMark Knopfler

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Local Hero - Film 4 - UK (2008)

Local Hero - Universal - UK (2001)

Local Hero - The Observer - UK (2008)

Local Hero - Warner Home Video - Canada (1986)
Blu-ray Box Set

Local Hero - Film 4 - UK (2019)

Local Hero - ZON Lusomundo - Portugal (2009)


Comments and Reviews
Magic Marmalade
9th Jul 2023
 Rated 9/10
I'ts only taken me decades to do, but finally got around to watching this...

(I'd always pushed it back thinking it was going to be a cheap piece of shonk)

...And as reviews like the one below tell, I was wrong, and they are absolutely spot on!

Magnificent movie.

Very odd, though, it doesn't, aside from the basic premise of a guy sent to buy up piece of coastline for an oil company, seem to have a plot.

...It doesn't seem to have anything by way of traditional shifts in the story that would recognisably be considered "drama" - no struggles, no antagonist, or villain, no "all is lost" moment, no real act or acts of overt "heroism"... It just... is.

And what it is, is gentle, warm, lightly funny, quirky, stunningly beautiful to look at, and is a veritable warm hearth of a movie, which will henceforth, serve as a great comfort food of a movie.

Why did it take me so long?!!!

All it is, based on the premise mentioned above, is a big city business type (not objectionable in any way, or cartoonish, or a caricature) dropped in this stunning little world of this village on the coast, and it, and the people there, just go to work on him; Eroding him until he, by degrees falls in love with the place and people.

As will you, if you haven't seen it yet, and intend to watch it.


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18th Apr 2023
 Trailer :happy:


15th May 2015
Ahh another great film from Bill Forsyth. All the characters are totally upfront and honest to each other. Despite the subject matter, of a multimillion dollar oil refinery coming to a small isolated Scottish fishing village, all the townspeople want the bloody refinery to come! The main character is totally straight with everybody, and they are totally straight with him. Makes you want to get into a car, drive up to Scotland, sit in a pub and just talk to people.

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