Love Actually

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Genre:Rom-Com, Drama
Rating:5.9  Rate
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DirectorRichard Curtis
Selected CastHugh Grant as The Prime Minister
 Martine McCutcheon as Natalie
 Liam Neeson as Daniel
 Emma Thompson as Karen
 Alan Rickman as Harry
 Colin Firth as Jamie
 Keira Knightley as Juliet
 Bill Nighy as Billy Mack
 Laura Linney as Sarah
 Martin Freeman as John
 Billy Bob Thornton as President of the United States
 Rowan Atkinson as Rufus
 Lúcia Moniz as Aurelia
ProducerDuncan Kenworthy
 Tim Bevan
 Eric Fellner
 Debra Hayward
 Liza Chasin
WriterRichard Curtis
SoundtrackCraig Armstrong

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Love Actually - Universal - UK (2004)

Love Actually - Universal - USA (2009)

Love Actually - Universal - Australia (2004)

Love Actually - El Pais - Spain (2005)

Love Actually - Universal - Spain (2004)

Love Actually - Universal - Czech Republic (2004)
DVD Box Set

5 DVD Pack - Universal - Australia (2006)

O Amor Acontece - Universal - Portugal (2004)

Реальная любовь - Союз - Russia (2004)


Comments and Reviews
Magic Marmalade
3rd Dec 2022
 I've just discovered that it helps to watch this film if you drunk... Very drunk.

(I recommend a couple of real ales and half a bottle of Malbec red :)

3rd Dec 2022
 Rated 7/10
Independent critique :read:

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18th Dec 2020

Magic Marmalade
24th Nov 2020
 Yes, A little immoderate of me I must admit... sorry about that.

...But I stand by the sentiment.

It makes my toes curl so much I could feasibly hang from a tree by my feet!

24th Nov 2020
 Don't hold back there MM :-))

Magic Marmalade
22nd Nov 2020
 Rated 2/10
Ooooh I HATE this film!!!

It fills me with a wretched pulsing fury of loathing and detestation for it's crass, moronic script writing, "characters", and mostly for the fact that a couple of the story threads could have been made into potentially great films by themselves, but are swamped in the rest of this s*&t..

A steaming fetid turd of a perverted, over-sugared quasi -Hallmark card sentimentality that makes my eyes bleed, my ears clench and my anus twitch with rage so much I nearly lose a sofa cushion to the unknown!

...but as it happens, I find that that's quite cathartic, and I feel clean afterwards...

....And so I watch it every year :)

(I shall be hating it doubly hard this year... I may even pop something!)

7 people found this review helpful.   ✔︎ Helpful Review?

7th Dec 2018

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