Lucy [2014]

Country:  USA
Genre:Action, Science Fiction, Thriller
Rating:6.8  Rate
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DirectorLuc Besson
Selected CastScarlett Johansson as Lucy
 Morgan Freeman as Professor Norman
 Min-sik Choi as Mr. Jang
 Amr Waked as Pierre Del Rio
ProducerVirginie Besson-Silla
WriterLuc Besson
SoundtrackÉric Serra


A woman, accidentally caught in a dark deal, turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic.

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Lucy [2014] - Universal - USA (2016)

Lucy [2014] - Universal - UK (2015)

Lucy [2014] - Universal - USA (2015)

Lucy [2014] - Belga Home Video - Netherlands (2014)
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5-Movie Starter Pack: Lucy/Dracula Untold/47 Ronin/Immortals/R.I.P.D - Universal - UK (2015)

Comments and Reviews
3rd Sep 2020

9th Feb 2018
 Watched it again last night, just in case...

My opinion hasn't changed. :sad:

22nd Mar 2017
 I have to say I really enjoyed this movie. I seem to enjoy movies about people seeking revenge, and the action parts of the movie I thought were well done.

22nd Mar 2017
 All of 'em! :thumbsup:

Magic Marmalade
21st Mar 2017
 ...and Resident Evils 1-89, Ultraviolet etc.

...Where she plays sexy bad-ass semi-robotic frosty killer ninja type, as does Johanssssson in Marvel's Avengers series, this, Ghost in Michelle and soon to be etc. etc..


Basically, anything they can get these two in some impossibly skinny PVC number, and sling 'em around the screen for an hour and a half for the benefit of teenage boys of all ages... which is OK by me... don't get me wrong, but how many of this kind of film do we really need?

21st Mar 2017
 Milla Jovovich's long term successor

Someone's been watching The Fifth Element... :erk:

Magic Marmalade
19th Mar 2017
 I saw it on the televisi-tron last night... seemed another one of those films of wasted potential.

Has the unmistakable whiff of a Luc Besson film (usually a good thing), but alas, it seems Hollywood has gotten their claws in him, and bludgeoned him with crap CGI at key moments which totally torpedo all the good stuff in it.

Another awful aspect of this is some of the cruddy acting, especially the physical stuff, with Scarlett throwing herself comically about the room... I did laugh.

Scarlett Johansson was great in Under The Skin (proper Sci-fi), but what with the release of Ghost in The Shell (probably why this was shown on the telly), it seems she's heading down the path of being already typecast as Milla Jovovich's long term successor for all this kind of rent-a-robot ass kicker-y (Scarlett isn't the warmest, or most personally engaging actor on the planet, so perhaps that's why).

I think he's a better director when they don't give him the cash to do effects... it diutes his unique film-making sensibility... and he is one of those directors who's films you watch mostly because it was him that made it, and to see the things that he particularly does...

(like Gilliam, Burton, etc.)

... so drowning it out with super slick production doesn't add to the mix.

The best sci-fi too, is usually made with a meagre budget, a fact that Hollywood doesn't grasp, as all you end up with is, at best, a big idea that falls apart or collapses under the weight of special effects, or "producers" (I always think of cows when I hear that term for some reason :) want "more action"... or to throw some martial arts in there for some reason, or more explosions.

I'll add this to the list of nearly good sci-fi: Looper, I Robot. (Script writers have to be at least as smart as the original Idea too... seldom is the case.).

13th Feb 2016
 Rated 6/10
Very much an effects-driven movie.

Always great to see Scarlett in a movie - not just because of her looks but she is, actually, an actress capable of lifting an otherwise average movie like this a coupla notches.

As in the Notes, she gets caught up in a drug deal which goes south. The bad guys surgically placed pouches of drugs in intestines for her and others to transport against their will. When she is later kicked in stomach, the pouch breaks releasing drug into her system.

Cue loads of CGI in a climactic romp to make the "trip" scene in 2001 seems like a mild diversion! Overdone but an entertaining slice of hokum. :happy:

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