National Treasure

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Country:  USA
Genre:Action, Adventure, Mystery
Rating:7.8  Rate
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DirectorJon Turteltaub
Selected CastNicolas Cage as Benjamin Franklin Gates
 Diane Kruger as Abigail Chase
 Justin Bartha as Riley Poole
 Sean Bean as Ian Howe
 Jon Voight as Patrick Gates
 Harvey Keitel as Sadusky
 Christopher Plummer as John Adams Gates
ProducerJerry Bruckheimer
 Jon Turteltaub
WriterJim Kouf
 Oren Aviv
 Charles Segars
SoundtrackTrevor Rabin

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National Treasure - Walt Disney - UK (2008)

National Treasure - Buena Vista - USA (2007)

National Treasure - Buena Vista - USA (2005)

National Treasure - Buena Vista - Netherlands (2005)

National Treasure - Walt Disney - Canada (2005)

National Treasure - Walt Disney - USA (2005)

National Treasure - Buena Vista - USA (2005)
DVD Box Set

National Treasure: Presidental Edition - Disney - Norway

O Tesouro - Lusomundo - Portugal (2005)

Comments and Reviews
Magic Marmalade
2nd Jul 2023
 Rated 8/10
>Attention, Disillusioned Indiana Jones Fans! - look here<

Having not been inspired at all, from the moment of announcement (even before the inevitable hoo-ha) of a new Indiana Jones movie, and knowing that some / many will be disappointed with the new offering...

...I would instead, direct the attention of crypto-archaeology adventure fans to this, and it's sequel.

After Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, this is what a 21st century Indiana Jones movie ought to look and feel like!

Indeed, after much thought, I have concluded that the reason Raiders, and Last Crusade worked, and endured, where Temple, and these two newer ones don't is because those former two take a pre-existing, and enduring sources of general fascination: The Ark Of The Covenant, And The Holy Grail, whose enduring myths always draw the audience's attention, regardless of whether it is set in an action adventure movie or not, but then place an iconic Sherlock Holmes / James Bond type character capable, and dynamic enough to explore those myths, and fathom them out, in an exciting, and intriguing manner we ourselves are not able to.

So the problem, from the get- go, with Temple Of Doom (for a western audience at least) was the subject of his adventure there - stones (whaa?), Crystal Skulls (more recent modern hocum from the proto- conspiracy theorist shack), and most recently, some kind of metaphysical bullshit clock, invented by lazy writers, I imagine, who have no grounding in history, and the stuff that elicits the intrigue of an audience.

Who cares!?!

No, Indiana Jones is merely our guide to those subjects, which already hold our imaginations.

And that's where this comes in...

...Same basic set-up, with Nick Cage's geeky, reluctant Historian adventurer getting drawn into a web of historical intrigue, around just the kind of historical curiosities (albeit of more modern vintage) that were so interesting when adventuring through Ark OTC, or The Holy G territory.

And what's more, it's a cracking good ride!

(Just like Indy used to be)

Great family fun, that doesn't treat you like an imbecile.

So don't watch that worn out old pair of shoes, watch this... and get from it what you wanted from that Dial business in the first place!

✔︎ Helpful Review?

4th Dec 2020

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