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Genre:Comedy, Drama
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DirectorГеоргий Данелия
Selected CastЛеонид Куравлёв as Афанасий Николаевич Борщов (Афоня)
 Евгения Симонова as Катя Снегирёва
 Евгений Леонов as Коля
 Савелий Крамаров as Егоза

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3rd Mar 2019

2nd Mar 2019
 IMDb provides Romanized credits [additional 'other source' spellings of names and titles will be encountered when not written in Russian]:

Alternate spellings of names and titles are enclosed in brackets following the form/forms found in IMDb:

Director: Georgiy Daneliya [Georgiĭ Danelii︠a︡, Georgij Danělija, Gueorgui Danelia, Georgi Danelija, Georgij Danyelija, Gieorgij Danelija, გიორგი დანელია, גיאורגי דנליה, גאורגי דאנליה]

Title: Afonya [Afoni︠a︡, Afonja]


Leonid Kuravlyov [Leonid Kuravlev, Leonid Kuravljov, Leonid Kuravliov, Leonid Kouravliov, Leonid Kurawljow, Leonid Kurawljew, Leonyid Kuravljov, Leonid Kurawliow, Леонід Куравльов, ליאוניד קורבליוב] ... Afanasy Nikolayevich Borshchov - Afonya

Evgeniya Simonova [Jevgenija Simonova, Yevgeniya Simonova, I︠E︡vhenii︠a︡ Symonova, Evguenia Simonova, Jewgenija Simonowa, Jevgenyija Szimonova, Jewgienija Simonova, Євгенія Симонова, יבגניה סימונובה] ... Katya

Evgeniy Leonov [Evgeniĭ Leonov, I︠E︡vhen Leonov, Jevgenij Leonov, Evgueni Leonov, Jewgeni Leonow, Jevgenyij Leonov, Jewgienij Leonow, Εβγκένι Λεόνοφ, Євген Леонов, יבגני לאונוב] ... Kolya

Saveliy Kramarov [Saveliĭ Kramarov, Savelij Kramarov, Saveli Kramarov, Szavelij Kramarov, Saweli Kramarow, Sawielij Kramarow, סאבלי קרמרוב] ... Yegoza

Additional (not in IMDb) film titles:

Czech = Afoňovo zmoudření
Hebrew = אפוניה

Информация о фильме

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