О бедном гусаре замолвите слово

English Title:   Say A Word For The Poor Hussar
Other Titles:   View 2 Titles
Format:TV Movie
Genre:Comedy, Drama, History
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DirectorЭльдар Рязанов
Selected CastЕвгений Леонов as Афанасий Петрович Бубенцов
 Олег Басилашвили as граф Мерзляев
 Ирина Мазуркевич as Настенька Бубенцова
 Станислав Садальский as Алексей Васильевич Плетнёв

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14th Mar 2021

14th Mar 2021

4th Jun 2018
 aka Say a Word for Poor Cavalrymen, Word for the Poor Hussar, and other titles.

IMDb provides Romanized credits [additional 'other source' spellings of names and titles will
be encountered when not written in Russian]:

Alternate spellings of names and titles are enclosed in brackets following the form/forms found in IMDb:

Title: O bednom gusare zamolvite slovo [O bednom gusare zamolwite slovo]

Director: Eldar Ryazanov [Ėlʹdar Ri︠a︡zanov, Eldar Rjazanov, Eldar Riazanow, Eldar Riasanov, Eldar Rjasanow, Ελντάρ Ριαζάνοφ, Ельдар Рязанов, אלדר ריאזנוב]


Evgeniy Leonov [Evgeniĭ Leonov, I︠E︡vhen Leonov, Jevgenij Leonov, Evgueni Leonov, Jewgeni Leonow, Jevgenyij Leonov, Jewgienij Leonow, Εβγκένι Λεόνοφ, Євген Леонов, יבגני לאונוב] ... Bubentsov, actor

Oleg Basilashvili [Oleg Basilašvili, Oleg Bassilachvili, Oleg Bassilaschwili, Oleg Baszilasvili, Oleg Basiłaszwili, Олег Басилашвілі, ოლეგ ბასილაშვილი, אולג בסילשווילי] ... Graf Merzlyayev

Irina Mazurkevich [Irina Mazurkevič, Irina Mazourkevitch, Irina Masurkewitsch] ... Nastya, Bubentsov's daughter

Stanislav Sadalskiy [Stanislav Sadalʹskiĭ, Stanislav Sadalskij, Stanislav Sadalski, Stanisław Sadalski] ... cornet Pletnev

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