Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid

Country:  USA
Genre:Western, Biography
Rating:7.8  Rate
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DirectorSam Peckinpah
Selected CastJames Coburn as Pat Garrett
 Kris Kristofferson as Billy the Kid
 Slim Pickens as Sheriff Baker
 Bob Dylan as Alias
 Richard Jaeckel as Sheriff Kip McKinney
 Katy Jurado as Mrs. Baker
 Chill Wills as Lemuel
 Barry Sullivan as Chisum
 Jason Robards as Governor Wallace
 R.G. Armstrong as Ollinger
 Luke Askew as Eno
 John Beck as Poe
 Matt Clark as J. W. Bell
 Jack Dodson as Howland
 Rita Coolidge as Maria
 Jack Elam as Alamosa Bill
 L.Q. Jones as Black Harris
 Charles Martin Smith as Bowdre
 Harry Dean Stanton as Luke
 Elisha Cook Jr. as Cody
 Gene Evans as Mr. Horrell
 Dub Taylor as Josh
 Bruce Dern as Deputy [uncredited]

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Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid - Warner Home Video - USA (2006)

Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid - Warner Home Video - Japan (2006)


Comments and Reviews
13th Nov 2015
 Soundtrack LP by Bob Dylan here

15th May 2015
They call movies like these Descontructed Westerns (refer also to Monty Walsh with Lee Marvin, for example) It's not about good against bad. Cops against Robbers. It's about how times change. This is a film about two friends. They make choices, and I guess have to bear the fruits of their choices.

With a great director at the helm (although the shooting of any Peckenpah film was reportedly not smooth) a great cast, a great script and a great score by Bob Dylan, this film is one of the deepest, human films you may see. Yes, it's about men, but these men are tired. They see the changing of the times. One decides to give it a last shot, one decides to survive.

All the characters (played by the greatest ensemble of 1950s-1970s US character actors you will ever see) are sincere, even when they make the wrong choices. All of the characters act out of their own convictions - this is a tremendous success for an actor - to accurately portray (and have the permission to/be allowed to) portray a role so honestly, and that's the key to this great film - they play it all authentic. The moustachioed Coburn is majestic; the drawling Kristofferson incredibly effective. Even Dylan's good too ("Beans!")

There's such a melancholy about this film too - the music steers the viewer down this path, for sure - but the feelings involved are much deeper than any of Peckenpah's other films. Who cannot see the scene where Coburn's Garrett has to gun down the honourable Jack Elam without feeling a sense of loss? Who cannot see the scene where the stomach-shot Slim Pickens, in the middle of a gunfight, goes to the river, while Katy Jurado drops her rifle and goes to him, sits by the side of him, and watches him see the dying of the light, without feeling so much sadness and sorrow, and yet so much love between them. It's almost a transcendental scene.

This is the key to Peckenpah, his films and the often misinterpreted violence he used. Anyone who can craft a piece of cinema art like this must have been walking around with a tremendous amount of sorrow, but also a tremendous amount of love.

The studios hacked and edited this film upon release. Thankfully, this film was re-edited after Peckenpah's death, guided by his personal notes about how the film should be. It's a magnificent film on all levels. See it.

Sample dialogue:
BILLY sits in a cantina over the Mexican border with members of his band. GARRETT has just told BILLY that he is going to "run with the law", and if he sees him again, he's going to have to arrrest him. After GARRETT leaves, one of BILLY's band pipes up:

BAND MEMBER: Why didn't you just shoot him?

BILLY (taking a slug of whiskey): Why? He's my friend.

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