Country:  USA
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Rating:7.6  Rate
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DirectorGary Ross
Selected CastTobey Maguire as David
 Reese Witherspoon as Jennifer
 William H. Macy as George Parker
 Joan Allen as Betty Parker
SoundtrackRandy Newman


French title: Bienvenue à Pleasantville

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Pleasantville - New Line Home Video - USA (1999)

Pleasantville - Entertainment In Video - UK (1999)

Pleasantville - New Line Cinema - USA (2011)

Pleasantville - IP Video - Bulgaria (1999)

Comments and Reviews
Magic Marmalade
29th Nov 2022
 Rated 10/10
Be careful what you wish for...

Perhaps among the most visually impressive movies ever made...

...What with the gradual transition from black and white to colour... element by element, and especially considering it was created in an age before CGI; There is nothing, even by today's technological standards, that looks like it, feels like it, or will make your jaw drop and make you go: "Wow! ... how the hell did they do that?!!!"

But this visual extravaganza is not simply there to dazzle, it is a vital story telling device, which makes a point in a way like no other movie does...

...For it tells the story of David (Maguire), an awkward high school teen geek, who's a little on the outside of things, and in escaping the world of his contemporary 90s teen zeitgeist, for which he feels no affinity, spends his free time watching an old black and white TV series from wholesome 50s America: Pleasantville, where he finds the model nuclear family he so sorely feels the absence of in his real life; A fact further compounded by his polar opposite super "popular" sister Jennifer constantly antagonising him in the classic sibling rivalry dynamic.

That is, until one day, while having a bust up over who gets to use the TV for the evening, they break it and a mysterious TV repairman shows up (oddly), and gives them a rather unusual remote control...

...Both of them being promptly zapped into Pleasantville, and black and white, where their modern nineties attitudes may not be entirely compatible with fifties American life (or this, idealised version of it, at least).

By degrees, their presence (Jennifer's in particular) upsets the quiet and tranquil life of this small, and pleasant land, and much to the horror and amazement of the locals (characters) a little colour starts to get introduced into their existence, and things threaten to never be the same again.

But does the influence of the world they have invaded begin to affect them, as much as they have influenced it?

What would seem a simple, perhaps superficial movie hanging on one great idea for a visual plot device, is actually rather profound, well considered, socially razor sharp in it's observations, and I stand by my previous comment, of it being up there with 12 Angry Men, as being a movie everybody should watch.

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Magic Marmalade
27th Jan 2021
 I watched my DVD of this again last night... painfully reminiscent of current events around the world.

Along with 12 Angry Men, needs to be shown on TV soon, and regularly thereafter, as part of a good, wholesome civil education... lest we quite forget ourselves as a people entirely.

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