Genre:Science Fiction, Horror
Rating:6.8  Rate
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DirectorRidley Scott
Selected CastNoomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw
 Michael Fassbender as David
 Charlize Theron as Meredith Vickers
 Idris Elba as Janek
 Sean Harris as Fifield
 Benedict Wong as Ravel
ProducerRidley Scott
 David Giler
 Walter Hill
WriterJon Spaihts
 Damon Lindelof
SoundtrackMarc Streitenfeld


Prequel to Alien.

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Blu-ray Box Set

Prometheus - 20th Century Fox - UK (2012)

Prometheus - 20th Century Fox - Australia (2012)

Prometheus - 20th Century Fox - USA (2012)

Prometheus - 20th Century Fox - UK (2012)

Prometheus - 20th Century Fox - USA (2012)

Prometheus - Pris Audiovisuais - Portugal (2012)
Blu-ray Box Set

Prometheus To Alien: The Evolution - 20th Century Fox - Sweden (2012)
Blu-ray Box Set

Alien 6-Film Collection - 20th Century Fox - UK (2017)


Comments and Reviews
26th Sep 2020

cannyuk SUBS
28th May 2018

29th Jul 2017
 Added proper Title Screen

Magic Marmalade
10th Sep 2015
One of those where you feel it's a potentially great film stuck inside a crap one... trying to get out.

As far as Henry's comments go, that's how I felt watching it the first time, but on a second viewing David does say there are other ships (So am willing to let that one go - suspend disappointment)...

But the thing that really, really bugs me about it is how bleedin' stupid the characters are!

Honestly, the decisions they make, and the obnoxious personalities they convey beggar belief. (We are supposed to believe these people are scientists, with the credentials and temperament to traverse the galaxy and meet alien civilizations... I wouldn't trust any of them pilot a shopping trolley!)

And then there's Guy Pierce's Old man Wayland.... Why ?

Old men are not fictitious, they do exist, as do suitable actors to play them... you don't need to stuff a ton of dodgy prosthetics on a younger man to play the part surely?

I think Ridley Scott is suffering a little of the George Lucas syndrome, whereby he's determined to abandon all the film making integrity that earned his reputation, and set about destroying his own legacy with ropey films.

I'd just about give you Gladiator, and Legend, but other than that, the plain truth is that Alien, and Blade Runner are the only good films he's ever made.

At least Michael Fassbender is good in this (as always).

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24th Aug 2015
 The continuity Man/Woman wants sacking. How could You miss that ending. They had Him sitting In the chair I thought that's It Alien here We come. Then No He get's out of the Chair and dies on the floor (Spoiler Alert). In the ship In Alien He Is sitting In the Chair when the Alien Baby explodes out. And He was the last of there kind. Doh!. H.

24th Aug 2015
 Watched it yesterday. Not my usual cup of tea but thought I'd give it a go. First half a bit dull, second half not bad. On the whole I enjoyed it, though I wouldn't rave about it .

24th Aug 2015
 Disappointing... :sad:

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