Sideways [2004]

Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rating:8.3  Rate
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DirectorAlexander Payne
Selected CastPaul Giamatti as Miles
 Thomas Haden Church as Jack
 Virginia Madsen as Maya
 Sandra Oh as Stephanie
ProducerMichael London
WriterRex Pickett
SoundtrackRolfe Kent

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Sideways [2004] - May Star Film - Bulgaria

Sideways [2004] - InterCom - Hungary

Sideways [2004] - 20th Century Fox - France (2005)

Sideways [2004] - 20th Century Fox - USA (2005)

Sideways [2004] - 20th Century Fox - South Korea (2005)

Sideways [2004] - 20th Century Fox - USA (2005)

Sideways [2004] - Panorama - Italy (2005)

Sideways [2004] - 20th Century Fox - UK (2005)

Sideways [2004] - 20th Century Fox - Australia (2005)

Sideways [2004] - 20th Century Fox - Germany (2005)


Comments and Reviews
Magic Marmalade
28th Feb 2022
 Rated 9/10
Vintage brilliance.

Miles is not OK...

...He's a glum, depressed, high-minded (pretentious) intellectual who's life circumstances don't quite matchup to his expectations...

...A wannabe writer (one of those you feel, wants to be an author the next "Great American Novel") but is struggling to get published, and having had a messy divorce, now lives alone in small, run down apartment block while working as a School-teacher... he hates life, and it shows.

His one passion, even obsession, is with wine, about which, you could justly call him a mega-nerd... and he's excruciatingly exacting and pretentious about that too! (Which makes for great comedy :)

With friends like these...

This weekend is different though, as he's taking his friend Jack on his stag weekend before a marriage rehearsal the following week, which Miles has perfectly planned notions of being a very civilised journey through the wine growing regions of California, some golf, a dinner out, and good conversation... a chance for himself too, to get away from it all too.

...Unfortunately, Jack's a lad! - And has other ideas for the weekend, and wants have a blow out, and get laid.

A flaky, impulsive, vulgar man-child and struggling bit-part actor, he is the absolute antithesis of Miles, and almost immediately starts sabotaging Miles's plans, and getting him into various troubles, with often hilarious and painful to watch consequences.

Maybe this will break Miles, or be the forceful and perhaps necessary breaking of the big dark cloud of gloom and despair that Miles has hanging over him, and carries with him everywhere he goes.

This has a n air of Frasier about it, in that it is very sharp and intelligent (Intellectual) comedy, which is consistently and deliberately undermined by the crass, vulgar humour and scenarios that occur.

It was very much talked about and praised at time of release, but seems to have drifted somewhat off the radar since then, and fully deserves to be watched again, as it has aged very nicely :)

The only criticism I have of it, is that Miles is one of those characters I hate to admit, I see too much of myself in at times (yikes!)... and often some of Jack too!!!

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Magic Marmalade
5th Feb 2016

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