The Last Temptation Of Christ

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DirectorMartin Scorsese
Selected CastWilliam Dafoe as Jesus
 Harvey Keitel as Judas
 Paul Greco as Zealot
 Steven Shill as Centurian
 Verna Bloom as Mary, Mother of Jesus
 Barbara Hershey as Mary Magdalene
 Roberts Blossom as Aged Master
ProducerHarry J. Ufland

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The Last Temptation Of Christ - The Criterion Collection - USA (2000)

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17th Dec 2020

Magic Marmalade
27th Dec 2015
 Can't say I remember that scene off hand George... but I'm going to watch it again soon to see.

Although you may be right about the filmmakers.

One other thing I forgot to mention in the review, which may (which will undoubtedly) cause offence to some or many, is the relationship between Jesus and Mary M...

for the most part of the film...the un-imagined part, which follows the traditional (sorry, accepted) narrative, there's nothing unusual there... but in the imagined, or rather, alternate "Temptation" sequence, she does form a part of the "other life" that Jesus may have had.

So just a heads up on that one too before anyone pops a bulb over it.

George Slv
27th Dec 2015
 I noticed a still picture from the film which looked like a butcher shop, and one of the skinned corpses hanging there had the definite shape of a human female. Explanation about the filmmakers?

Magic Marmalade
26th Dec 2015
 Peter Gabriel - The Last Temptation Of Christ - Soundtrack

Magic Marmalade
26th Dec 2015
 Rated 9/10
One of those wilfully misunderstood films.

Obviously the subject matter - and even the Title - was going to be controversial from the outset... even outrageous (in the literal sense), before it had even hit the screens, what with people thinking it was casting aspersions on the character, person, and figure of Jesus, and even trying to re-write or diminish the story of his life and death.

But far from this, Martin Scorsese (following the book) merely uses the idea of Jesus being an ordinary man from the outset; Who suffers the burden of his special destiny; To emphasise the nature of his sacrifice, in struggling both to discover the nature of who and what he is, and accepting what he must do, and what he must be, in order to realise it.

The many doubts, and temptations in encounters with the devil leading to that fate he must accept.

The particular device used in the exploration of this idea is ultimately expressed when he is on the cross, and imagines a lifetime within a single moment. A lifetime spent as an ordinary man, living an ordinary life... The Titular Last Temptation. But properly speaking, this is the last temptation of Jesus - the man - which he must overcome to realise his "Christ-ness".

This imagined sequence is not an attempt to say it happened, but merely a plot device employed to explore what he was giving up; That is: Sacrificing... his life, not just in the sense of giving up being alive, but his life as a man.

There is obvious controversy about the role of Judas (Harvey Keitel), being cast here as a facilitator of that destiny through his actions, under the direction of Jesus himself (Judas here often opposes Jesus, in challenging him to live up to his expectations of what a Messiah is, and ought to be... not understanding Jesus' actions any more than Jesus himself) , but this is not really a new idea in itself (I'm sure it's an idea that that been considered elsewhere).

David Bowie gives a subdued performance as Pilate, which is quite good, and there's a brilliant score by Peter Gabriel, which, like the production design, gives a great sense of a harsh and barren desert landscape of that ancient world.

Watch this as Philosophy, as asking the question:

What is the nature of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ...

...not as history, or any attempt to "Da Vinci Code" the New Testament in any way, and you've got a great film - even one of Scorsese's best -

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Magic Marmalade
26th Dec 2015

26th Dec 2015
 A USA / Canada co-production

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