The Towering Inferno

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Country:  USA
Genre:Action, Drama, Thriller
Rating:6.9  Rate
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DirectorJohn Guillermin
Selected CastSteve McQueen as Chief Mike O'Hallorhan
 Paul Newman as Doug Roberts
 William Holden as Jim Duncan
 Faye Dunaway as Susan Franklin
 Fred Astaire as Harlee Claiborne
 Susan Blakely as Patty
 Richard Chamberlain as Simmons
 Jennifer Jones as Lisolette
 O.J. Simpson as Jernigan
 Robert Vaughn as Senator Parker
 Robert Wagner as Bigelow
ProducerIrwin Allen
WriterRichard Martin Stern
 Thomas N. Scortia
 Frank M. Robinson
SoundtrackJohn Williams [Composer]

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The Towering Inferno - Warner Bros. - UK (2009)

The Towering Inferno - 20th Century Fox - USA (2006)

The Towering Inferno - 20th Century Fox - USA (2006)

The Towering Inferno - 20th Century Fox - Canada (1998)

The Towering Inferno - Scan Video - Finland (1982)

The Towering Inferno - Warner Home Video - Australia (2000)

La Tour Infernale - Warner Home Video - France (2003)

A Torre Do Inferno - ZON Lusomundo - Portugal (2005)

La Collection Steve McQueen - Warner Home Video - France (2005)


Comments and Reviews
18th Apr 2024
 R.I.P. O.J. Simpson who plays Jernigan in the 1974 film.

YankeeDisc SUBS
9th Jun 2016
 As I write, this 1974 movie is showing (yet again) in UK on freeview Channel 15 - Film 4 today, 1515-1825hrs, including copious adverts.

After watching the trailer, it reminds me of when this film was first shown on BBC 1 at least 25 years ago. I had seen the movie at a cinema when first released, and of course it hit big at the box office, and was generally enjoyable hokum......I mean you know Steve McQueen is gonna save somebody, anybody, you get the picture.....

So, the BBC ran a trail for an upcoming transmission of the film, which was hilarious, based on the 2:14 long video trailer posted on this page, with suitable input by Newman, McQueen, and Wagner.....

Newman - "We got a fire here......!!"
RJ - "I'll be back, with the whole Fire Department....!!"
McQueen - "It's a fire, Mister, and all fires are bad.....!!"

A BBC voice over artist made the whole thing appealing, and you wouldn't want to miss it, so under the US soundtrack voice and action clips their playing clips from Fire Brigade, by The Move.....

.....you could not make it up......

The BBC ran the trail a few times, and I eventually video taped it, so I must have it somewhere, and when I find it I'll have to post it on youtube, although maybe someone already has.

Magic Marmalade
9th Jan 2016

Record Collector
2nd Sep 2015
 It's just a morning aft oops sorry wrong movie

22nd Jun 2015
 Great ensemble movie! Much lauded at the time, it has become more (in)famous in recent years for the dispute between McQueen and Newman over who would get top billing, the number of lines, screentime etc. :happy:

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