Universal Soldier

Country:  USA
Genre:Action, Science Fiction
Rating:6.0  Rate
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DirectorRoland Emmerich
Selected CastJean-Claude Van Damme as Luc Deveraux / GR44
 Dolph Lundgren as Andrew Scott / GR13
 Ally Walker as Veronica Roberts
 Ed O'Ross as Colonel Perry
ProducerAllen Shapiro
 Craig Baumgarten
 Joel B. Michaels
WriterRichard Rothstein
 Christopher Leitch
 Dean Devlin
SoundtrackChristopher Franke

On DVD & Blu-ray World


Universal Soldier - Carolco Home Video - USA (1992)

Universal Soldier - Universal / Sony - Australia (2020)

Universal Soldier - Live Entertainment - USA (1998)

Universal Soldier - Columbia TriStar - Australia (1999)

Máquinas De Guerra - LNK - Portugal (2004)

Comments and Reviews
Magic Marmalade
16th Dec 2023
 Rated 8/10
Still a stone cold classic!

...And from the period right before Independence Day, when Emmerich still had to earn his lunch, and so had some restraint, and made excellent movies like this, and Stargate - just the right side of bonkers, and great iconic fun.

(I hate the populist, jingoistic, "Am-e-ric-eeer" (<Team America reference for you there :) pander-fest of independence day, and everything he has done since, as it seems the success of that meant he could do whatever he wanted, and spend as much as he wanted, and so did... and made all those God-awful, paint by numbers, schlock movies he is now most known for. A wild horse of a director like him, and others are at their best when a tight rein is kept on them - budgetary constraints or editorial / studio supervision... otherwise they go barmy, and run you straight of the nearest cliff).

Never bothered with the sequels, as it is just franchise building crud, but this is firmly a fave, if not a guilty pleasure :)

>Also of special note, is Dolph Lundgren's completely unhinged performance here, which steals the entire show! :) <

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Tags:  Cyberpunk

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