Wonder Woman 1984

Country:  USA
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DirectorPatty Jenkins
Selected CastGal Gadot as Diana Prince
 Chris Pine as Steve Trevor
 Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva
 Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord
ProducerCharles Roven
 Deborah Snyder
 Zack Snyder
 Patty Jenkins
 Gal Gadot
 Stephen Jones
WriterPatty Jenkins
 Geoff Johns
 Dave Callaham
SoundtrackHans Zimmer

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Wonder Woman 1984 - Warner Bros. Home Entertainment - Sweden (2021)

Wonder Woman 1984 - Warner Bros. - UK (2020)

Comments and Reviews
16th Oct 2021

Magic Marmalade
12th Apr 2021
 Sorry to be "that guy", but it also occurs to me that Wonder Woman has sex with a man without his knowledge or consent in this...

...erm... yikes!

29th Mar 2021
 Good review, and I may now just watch it.

However, I have to say there's a YouTuber I follow whose reviews I always find not only vastly entertaining but informative and 'on point'. He tends to give his opinion and then pull apart the good and bad points of the film, including gaping plot holes if there are any (and he does point many out in this film which a London double decker bus could be driven through).

So, for an alternative view, have a look.


Magic Marmalade
25th Mar 2021
 Yes... Spoiler alert! (heh heh heh :)

24th Mar 2021
 Love the Lynda Carter cameo during the end credits.

Magic Marmalade
23rd Mar 2021
 Rated 7/10
Really enjoyable movie...

...As opposed to either, the usual over-wrought DC Zach Snyder style, made for adolescent-teen sludge, or the once in a blue moon Nolan ones or the recent brilliance of Joker.

A nice, lighter tone that doesn't require a degree in comic book lore, and is actually entertaining.

Great opening sequence, once again Zimmer delivers a knockout score, and a very playful, humorous tone mocking (or satirising) some aspects of the eighties, while acknowledging some of the darker cold war aspects.

An eighties style millionaire (?)...

(modelled on nobody in particular I'm sure ...ahem)

... Is up to something, with a too good to be true business empire punted constantly on TV, and an interest in a particular object which has found it's way via the FBI, into the museum where Wonder Woman works, alongside Kristen Wiig's rather downtrodden low self esteemed multi- ologist.

Dreams are offered, but perhaps at cost... or maybe it's all fake news? :)

If there are a few downsides to this, it's that maybe there are too many strong ideas competing in here, each of which, might have been worthy of it's own film... female empowerment in the face of antiquated sexual predation (Metoo), and where that goes, amongst other things...

...And also, the effects, with regards fight / action sequences, which in interior settings, are quite brilliantly done, but look pretty shoddy, unrealistic, and preposterous in exterior locations for some reason.,,, the physics of it all, especially outside doesn't really work at all, especially as it has that contrast of the realistic interior work to underline just how bogus it looks.

But minor quibbles, really, in an otherwise excellent, entertaining film.

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Magic Marmalade
26th Nov 2020

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