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The Witches
Roald Dahl's The Witches
Alan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2020Movie0 
Avengers: EndgameAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2019Movie38.5
Welcome To MarwenAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2018Movie0 
Avengers: Infinity WarAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2018Movie29.0
Ready Player OneAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2018Movie27.5
AlliedAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2016Movie17.0
Night At The Museum: Secret Of The TombAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2014Movie46.5
RED 2Alan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2013Movie18.0
The CroodsAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2013Movie17.0
The Avengers
Avengers Assemble
Alan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2012Movie49.0
Flight Alan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2012Movie17.8
Captain America: The First AvengerAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2011Movie08.0
The A-TeamAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2010Movie17.0
Night At The Museum: Battle Of The SmithsonianAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2009Movie27.0
Night At The MuseumAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2006Movie17.3
Maid In ManhattanAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2002Movie16.0
Stuart Little 2Alan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2002Movie0 
Lilo & StitchAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2002Movie09.0
The Mummy ReturnsAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2001Movie26.8
The MexicanAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2001Movie16.5
Cast AwayAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2000Movie17.3
What Lies BeneathAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)2000Movie25.5
Stuart LittleAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1999Movie08.0
Practical MagicAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1998Movie17.3
The Parent Trap Alan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1998Movie17.0
MousehuntAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1997Movie09.0
ContactAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1997Movie19.0
Volcano Alan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1997Movie16.8
The Long Kiss GoodnightAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1996Movie17.5
Clean SlateAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1994Movie0 
Forrest GumpAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1994Movie17.6
Grumpy Old MenAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1993Movie26.8
Judgment NightAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1993Movie06.5
The Bodyguard
Alan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1992Movie15.8
Death Becomes HerAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1992Movie36.8
FernGully: The Last RainforestAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1992Movie0 
Predator 2Alan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1990Movie06.6
Back To The Future Part IIIAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1990Movie26.9
Back To The Future Part IIAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1989Movie18.2
The AbyssAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1989Movie37.9
Mac And MeAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1988Movie12.0
Who Framed Roger RabbitAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1988Movie19.4
OverboardAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1987Movie17.2
PredatorAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1987Movie17.7
Flight Of The NavigatorAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1986Movie107.4
Back To The FutureAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1985Movie18.7
Romancing The StoneAlan Silvestri (Soundtrack)1984Movie37.4

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