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A Dandy In AspicAnthony Mann (Director)1968Movie0 
The Heroes Of TelemarkAnthony Mann (Director)1965Movie15.5
The Fall Of The Roman EmpireAnthony Mann (Director)1964Movie18.0
El CidAnthony Mann (Director)1961Movie07.0
Cimarron Anthony Mann (Director)1960Movie18.0
Man Of The WestAnthony Mann (Director)1958Movie0 
God's Little AcreAnthony Mann (Director)1958Movie17.0
The Tin StarAnthony Mann (Director)1957Movie28.0
Men In WarAnthony Mann (Director)1957Movie0 
SerenadeAnthony Mann (Director)1956Movie1 
The Last Frontier
Savage Wilderness
Anthony Mann (Director)1955Movie0 
The Man From LaramieAnthony Mann (Director)1955Movie07.5
Strategic Air CommandAnthony Mann (Director)1955Movie0 
The Far CountryAnthony Mann (Director)1954Movie0 
The Glenn Miller StoryAnthony Mann (Director)1954Movie18.7
Thunder BayAnthony Mann (Director)1953Movie0 
The Naked SpurAnthony Mann (Director)1953Movie07.0
Bend Of The RiverAnthony Mann (Director)1952Movie17.0
The Tall TargetAnthony Mann (Director)1951Movie18.0
Devil's Doorway Anthony Mann (Director)1950Movie0 
The Furies Anthony Mann (Director)1950Movie1 
Winchester '73Anthony Mann (Director)1950Movie07.3
Side Street Anthony Mann (Director)1949Movie06.0
Border IncidentAnthony Mann (Director)1949Movie28.0
Reign Of Terror
The Black Book [1949]
Anthony Mann (Director)1949Movie1 
He Walked By NightAnthony Mann (Director)1948Movie18.0
Raw Deal Anthony Mann (Director)1948Movie0 
T-MenAnthony Mann (Director)1947Movie08.0
Railroaded!Anthony Mann (Director)1947Movie1 
Desperate Anthony Mann (Director)1947Movie06.5
The Bamboo BlondeAnthony Mann (Director)1946Movie0 
Strange ImpersonationAnthony Mann (Director)1946Movie0 
Two O'Clock CourageAnthony Mann (Director)1945Movie06.0
The Great FlamarionAnthony Mann (Director)1945Movie1 
Strangers In The Night Anthony Mann (Director)1944Movie06.0
My Best GalAnthony Mann (Director)1944Movie0 
Dr. BroadwayAnthony Mann (Director)1942Movie0 

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