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Comanche StationBudd Boetticher (Director)1960Movie010.0
The Rise And Fall Of Legs DiamondBudd Boetticher (Director)1960Movie07.0
Ride LonesomeBudd Boetticher (Director)1959Movie17.0
WestboundBudd Boetticher (Director)1959Movie1 
Buchanan Rides AloneBudd Boetticher (Director)1958Movie0 
The Tall TBudd Boetticher (Director)1957Movie010.0
Decision At SundownBudd Boetticher (Director)1957Movie0 
Seven Men From NowBudd Boetticher (Director)1956Movie29.0
The Killer Is LooseBudd Boetticher (Director)1956Movie07.0
The Magnificent MatadorBudd Boetticher (Director)1955Movie0 
East Of SumatraBudd Boetticher (Director)1953Movie0 
Wings Of The HawkBudd Boetticher (Director)1953Movie1 
City Beneath The Sea Budd Boetticher (Director)1953Movie0 
SeminoleBudd Boetticher (Director)1953Movie0 
The Man From The AlamoBudd Boetticher (Director)1953Movie0 
Horizons WestBudd Boetticher (Director)1952Movie0 
The Cimarron KidBudd Boetticher (Director)1952Movie0 
Bullfighter And The LadyBudd Boetticher (Director)1951Movie0 
Killer Shark Budd Boetticher (Director)1950Movie04.5
The Wolf Hunters Budd Boetticher (Director)1949Movie0 
Behind Locked Doors
Human Gorilla
Budd Boetticher (Director)1948Movie1 
Escape In The FogBudd Boetticher (Director)1945Movie06.0
The Missing JurorBudd Boetticher (Director)1944Movie0 
One Mysterious Night
Behind Closed Doors
Budd Boetticher (Director)1944Movie0 
Submarine RaiderBudd Boetticher (Director)1942Movie1 

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