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Daffy Duck For PresidentChuck Jones (Writer)2004Short0 
Behind The Tunes: Looney Tunes Go HollywoodChuck Jones2004Short0 
Chuck Amuck: The MovieChuck Jones1991Movie06.0
The Bugs Bunny/Road-Runner MovieChuck Jones (Director)1979Movie08.0
A Connecticut Rabbit In King Arthur's Court
Bugs Bunny In King Arthur's Court
Chuck Jones (Director)1978Short0 
Mowgli's BrothersChuck Jones (Director)1976Short0 
A Christmas Carol Chuck Jones (Producer)1971Short0 
The Phantom TollboothChuck Jones (Director)
Chuck Jones (Producer)
The Bear That Wasn'tChuck Jones (Director)1967Short0 
Purr-Chance To DreamChuck Jones (Director)1967Short0 
Advance And Be MechanizedChuck Jones (Director)1967Short0 
Surf-Bored CatChuck Jones (Director)1967Short0 
The Mouse From H.U.N.G.E.R.Chuck Jones (Director)1967Short0 
Cannery RodentChuck Jones (Director)1967Short0 
Rock 'n' RodentChuck Jones (Director)1967Short0 
Guided Mouse-IlleChuck Jones (Director)1967Short0 
O-Solar-MeowChuck Jones (Director)1967Short0 
Cat And Dupli-catChuck Jones (Director)1967Short0 
How The Grinch Stole Christmas!Chuck Jones (Director)1966Short09.0
Catty-CorneredChuck Jones (Director)1966Short0 
The A-Tom-inable SnowmanChuck Jones (Director)1966Short0 
Filet MeowChuck Jones (Director)1966Short0 
Puss 'n' BoatsChuck Jones (Director)1966Short0 
Love Me, Love My MouseChuck Jones (Director)1966Short0 
Jerry, Jerry, Quite ContraryChuck Jones (Director)1966Short0 
Duel PersonalityChuck Jones (Director)1966Short0 
The Cat's Me-OuchChuck Jones (Director)1965Short0 
The Dot And The Line: A Romance In Lower MathematicsChuck Jones (Director)1965Short0 
The Year Of The MouseChuck Jones (Director)1965Short0 
Of Feline BondageChuck Jones (Director)1965Short0 
I'm Just Wild About JerryChuck Jones (Director)1965Short0 
Haunted MouseChuck Jones (Director)1965Short0 
The Brothers Carry-Mouse-OffChuck Jones (Director)1965Short0 
Bad Day At Cat RockChuck Jones (Director)1965Short0 
Tom-ic EnergyChuck Jones (Director)1965Short0 
Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story Of LifeChuck Jones (Director)1965Short0 
Jerry-Go-RoundChuck Jones (Director)1965Short0 
The Unshrinkable Jerry MouseChuck Jones (Director)1964Short0 
Snowbody Loves MeChuck Jones (Director)1964Short0 
Much Ado About MousingChuck Jones (Director)1964Short0 
Is There A Doctor In The Mouse?Chuck Jones (Director)1964Short0 
The Cat Above And The Mouse BelowChuck Jones (Director)1964Short0 
To Beep Or Not To BeepChuck Jones (Director)1963Short0 
Transylvania 6-5000 Chuck Jones (Director)1963Short0 
Mad As A Mars HareChuck Jones (Director)1963Short0 
Pent-House MouseChuck Jones (Director)1963Short0 
Martian Through GeorgiaChuck Jones (Director)1962Short0 
Adventures Of The Road-RunnerChuck Jones (Director)1962Short0 
Now Hear ThisChuck Jones (Director)1962Short0 
Beep PreparedChuck Jones (Director)1961Short0 

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