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Eurocrime!Enzo G. Castellari2012Movie08.0
Sinbad Of The Seven Seas Enzo G. Castellari (Director)1989Movie15.0
Tuareg - Il Guerriero Del Deserto
Tuareg: The Desert Warrior
Enzo G. Castellari (Director)1984Movie0 
I Nuovi Barbari
The New Barbarians: Warriors Of The Wasteland
Enzo G. Castellari (Director)1983Movie16.0
Fuga Dal Bronx
Escape From The Bronx
Enzo G. Castellari (Director)1983Movie09.0
1990: I Guerrieri Del Bronx
1990: The Bronx Warriors
Enzo G. Castellari (Director)1982Movie07.5
Il Giorno Del CobraEnzo G. Castellari (Director)1980Movie0 
Il Cacciatore Di Squali
The Shark Hunter
Enzo G. Castellari (Director)1979Movie04.0
The Humanoid
Enzo G. Castellari (Director)1979Movie0 
The House By The Edge Of The Lake
Enzo G. Castellari (Director)1979Movie0 
La Via Della Droga
The Heroin Busters
Enzo G. Castellari (Director)1977Movie07.0
KeomaEnzo G. Castellari (Director)1976Movie0 
Il Grande Racket
The Big Racket
Enzo G. Castellari (Director)1976Movie08.0
Il Cittadino Si Ribella
Street Law [1974]
Enzo G. Castellari (Director)1974Movie07.0
La Polizia Incrimina La Legge Assolve
High Crime [1973]
Enzo G. Castellari (Director)1973Movie07.0
Gli Occhi Freddi Della Paura
Cold Eyes Of Fear
Enzo G. Castellari (Director)1971Movie0 
La Battaglia D'Inghiterra
Eagles Over London
Enzo G. Castellari (Director)1969Movie0 
Anche Nel West C'era Una Volta Dio
Between God, The Devil And A Winchester
Enzo G. Castellari1968Movie0 
Ammazzali Tutti E Torna Solo
Kill Them All And Come Back Alone
Enzo G. Castellari (Director)1968Movie0 
Quella Sporca Storia Nel West
Johnny Hamlet
Enzo G. Castellari (Director)1968Movie0 
Vado... L'ammazzo E Torno
Any Gun Can Play
Enzo G. Castellari (Director)1967Movie1 
7 Winchester Per Un Massacro
Renegade Riders / Payment In Blood
Enzo G. Castellari (Director)1967Movie0 

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