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Pocketful Of MiraclesFrank Capra (Director)1961Movie08.0
A Hole In The HeadFrank Capra (Director)1959Movie17.0
Here Comes The GroomFrank Capra (Director)1951Movie2 
Riding High Frank Capra (Director)1950Movie1 
State Of The UnionFrank Capra (Director)1948Movie08.0
It's A Wonderful LifeFrank Capra (Director)1946Movie79.3
Know Your Enemy - JapanFrank Capra (Director)1945Movie0 
Why We Fight: War Comes To AmericaFrank Capra (Director)1945Movie1 
Arsenic And Old LaceFrank Capra (Director)1944Movie26.7
Tunisian VictoryFrank Capra (Director)1944Movie1 
The Negro SoldierFrank Capra (Producer)1944Short1 
Why We Fight: The Battle Of BritainFrank Capra (Director)1944Movie1 
Why We Fight: The Battle Of ChinaFrank Capra (Director)1944Movie1 
Know Your Ally: BritainFrank Capra (Director)1944Short0 
Why We Fight: The Nazis StrikeFrank Capra (Director)1943Movie0 
Why We Fight: Divide And ConquerFrank Capra (Director)1943Movie0 
Why We Fight: The Battle Of RussiaFrank Capra (Director)1943Movie09.0
Why We Fight: Prelude To WarFrank Capra (Director)1942Movie0 
Meet John DoeFrank Capra (Director)1941Movie18.5
Mr. Smith Goes To WashingtonFrank Capra (Director)1939Movie07.3
You Can't Take It With YouFrank Capra (Director)1938Movie17.0
Lost Horizon Frank Capra (Director)1937Movie08.0
Mr. Deeds Goes To TownFrank Capra (Director)1936Movie17.5
Broadway BillFrank Capra (Director)1934Movie0 
It Happened One NightFrank Capra (Director)1934Movie19.0
Lady For A DayFrank Capra (Director)1933Movie07.0
The Bitter Tea Of General YenFrank Capra (Director)1933Movie08.0
American MadnessFrank Capra (Director)1932Movie0 
ForbiddenFrank Capra (Director)1932Movie0 
Platinum Blonde Frank Capra (Director)1931Movie07.0
The Miracle WomanFrank Capra (Director)1931Movie06.0
DirigibleFrank Capra (Director)1931Movie0 
Rain Or ShineFrank Capra (Director)1930Movie0 
Ladies Of LeisureFrank Capra (Director)1930Movie0 
FlightFrank Capra (Director)1929Movie0 
The Donovan AffairFrank Capra (Director)1929Movie0 
The Younger GenerationFrank Capra (Director)1929Movie0 
SubmarineFrank Capra (Director)1928Movie0 
The Power Of The Press Frank Capra (Director)1928Movie0 
The Way Of The StrongFrank Capra (Director)1928Movie0 
The Matinee IdolFrank Capra (Director)1928Movie0 
So This Is LoveFrank Capra (Director)1928Movie0 
That Certain ThingFrank Capra (Director)1928Movie0 
Long PantsFrank Capra (Director)1927Movie0 
The Strong ManFrank Capra (Director)1926Movie0 
Fulta Fisher's Boarding House
The Ballad Of Fisher's Boarding House
Frank Capra (Director)1922Short0 

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