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Von Caligari Zu Hitler: Das Deutsche Kino Im Zeitalter Der Massen
From Caligari To Hitler: German Cinema In The Age Of The Masses
Fritz Lang2014Movie0 
Mabuses Motive
Mabuse's Motives
Fritz Lang2004TV Movie0 
Le Mépris
Fritz Lang1963Movie08.5
Le Parti Des Choses: Bardot Et GodardFritz Lang1963Short0 
Die 1000 Augen Des Dr. Mabuse
The Eye Of Evil
Fritz Lang (Director)1962Movie1 
Das Indische Grabmal
The Indian Tomb [1959]
Fritz Lang (Director)1959Movie0 
Der Tiger Von Eschnapur
Tiger Of Bengal
Fritz Lang (Director)1959Movie0 
Beyond A Reasonable DoubtFritz Lang (Director)1956Movie17.0
While The City Sleeps Fritz Lang (Director)1956Movie18.0
MoonfleetFritz Lang (Director)1955Movie08.0
Human DesireFritz Lang (Director)1954Movie08.0
The Big Heat Fritz Lang (Director)1953Movie18.0
The Blue GardeniaFritz Lang (Director)1953Movie07.0
Clash By NightFritz Lang (Director)1952Movie17.0
Rancho NotoriousFritz Lang (Director)1952Movie07.0
American Guerilla In The PhilippinesFritz Lang (Director)1950Movie2 
House By The RiverFritz Lang (Director)1950Movie07.0
Secret Beyond The Door...Fritz Lang (Director)1947Movie0 
Cloak And Dagger Fritz Lang (Director)1946Movie06.0
Scarlet StreetFritz Lang (Director)1945Movie28.0
The Woman In The WindowFritz Lang (Director)1944Movie17.0
Ministry Of FearFritz Lang (Director)1944Movie07.0
Hangmen Also Die!
Never Surrender
Fritz Lang (Director)1943Movie18.0
MoontideFritz Lang (Director)1942Movie17.0
Confirm Or DenyFritz Lang (Director)1941Movie1 
Man HuntFritz Lang (Director)1941Movie1 
Western UnionFritz Lang (Director)1941Movie1 
The Return Of Frank JamesFritz Lang (Director)1940Movie07.5
You And Me Fritz Lang (Director)1938Movie0 
You Only Live Once Fritz Lang (Director)1937Movie0 
Fury Fritz Lang (Director)1936Movie17.5
LiliomFritz Lang (Director)1934Movie0 
Le Testament Du Dr. Mabuse
The Last Will Of Dr. Mabuse
Fritz Lang (Director)1933Movie1 
Das Testament Des Dr. Mabuse
The Testament Of Dr. Mabuse
Fritz Lang (Director)1933Movie07.0
MFritz Lang (Director)1931Movie08.7
Frau Im Mond
Woman In The Moon
Fritz Lang (Director)1929Movie0 
Fritz Lang (Director)1928Movie0 
MetropolisFritz Lang (Director)1927Movie39.0
Die Nibelungen: Kriemhilds Rache
Die Nibelungen: Kriemhilds Revenge
Fritz Lang (Director)1924Movie0 
Die Nibelungen: SiegfriedFritz Lang (Director)1924Movie0 
Dr. Mabuse, Der Spieler
Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler
Fritz Lang (Director)1922Movie0 
Das Indische Grabmal Erster Teil - Die Sendung Des Yoghi
The Indian Tomb: Part I, The Mission Of The Yogi
Fritz Lang (Writer)1921Movie0 
Der Müde Tod
Destiny [1921]
Fritz Lang (Director)1921Movie1 
Vier Um Die Frau
Four Around A Woman
Fritz Lang (Director)1921Movie0 
Das Indische Grabmal Zweiter Teil - Der Tiger Von Eschnapur
The Indian Tomb: Part II, The Tiger Of Bengal
Fritz Lang (Writer)1921Movie0 
Das Wandernde Bild
The Wandering Image
Fritz Lang (Director)1920Movie0 
Die Spinnen, 2. Teil - Das Brillantenschiff
The Spiders: Episode 2 - The Diamond Ship
Fritz Lang (Director)1920Movie0 
Harakiri Fritz Lang (Director)1919Movie0 
Die Spinnen, 1. Teil - Der Goldene See
The Spiders: Episode 1 - The Golden Sea
Fritz Lang (Director)1919Movie0 

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